Socialist Workers Party runs slate in New York City

The Militant reports on the Socialist Workers Party’s three candidates in New York City this year: “For mayor: Dan Fein, 64, a veteran trade unionist who works at a garment plant in Brooklyn. For public advocate: Maura DeLuca, 30, a unionist and sewing-machine operator. For Manhattan borough president: Tom Baumann, 23, formerly a meatpacking worker, now a student at Hunter College and active in the Young Socialists. All three have submitted double the number of signatures required to appear on the city’s ballot.”

5 thoughts on “Socialist Workers Party runs slate in New York City

  1. Randy Erb

    What a waste of Dan’s talent! In case you don’t know, he has a masters degree in physics from Brown. He used to work at NASA when he lived in Houston and also worked as a teacher when he was laid off from there. I was ALL for a proletarian orientation, but for those for whom it made sense. Not an artificial twist to make workers out of those who are not that at all.

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