Wisconsin Constitution Party chair defends party’s endorsement of Republican

Constitution Party of Wisconsin Chairman Andrew Zuelke defended the party’s decision to endorse Republican candidate Daniel Mielke in the 2010 Seventh District U.S. House race in a guest piece for the Wausau Daily Herald. Zuelke writes, “A Constitution Party member invited Dan to attend our state convention last April. While there, he found the party’s platform reflected his values and became a member right there. Months later, Dan contacted me asking if the Constitution Party could consider endorsing him for the 7th Congressional District. Member Rob Taylor, who was actually planning to run for the House seat, had already decided to run for U.S. Senate instead, so the door was open for someone else.”

Zuelke says the state party “will not endorse anyone unless the person is a full party member, agrees with our platform and is vetted by our campaigns and candidates sub-committee, which normally has the final word on endorsements. With Dan running as a Republican, I felt this was a unique case warranting a wider debate and an extra vote from the full state committee, the party’s highest authority. … Some members were strongly against endorsing Dan and weren’t shy about saying so. The decision to endorse was not unanimous, and there were valid arguments on both sides. Actually, we held Dan to a higher standard than other candidates — he had to be approved twice.”

Zuelke says the Constitution Party “was created to elect to Washington as many constitutional champions as we can, and to vote out those who vote against the Constitution. We see hope in candidates like Dan Mielke that he will vote to protect life, liberty, property, rule of law and states’ rights once in Congress. The Constitution is greater than party tags, including ours. As we see it, we endorsed a constitutional conservative, not a Republican.”

13 thoughts on “Wisconsin Constitution Party chair defends party’s endorsement of Republican

  1. Melty

    Dan Mielke is well-aligned with the Constitution Party all round, with one conspicuous exception – that of noninterventionism. On his website, all he says is cut-no-supplies-to-troops, which to me just means remain entrenched.

    Like last year, Mielke will run against sitting Democrat David Obey. Obey was vocally opposed to the Iraq Occupation. Then, when he returned to his seat as Appropriations Committee Chairman in January 2007, his tune of withdrawal timetable changed into cut-no-supplies-to-troops, and Mielke’s talk is identical.

    But, to Mielke’s credit, there is a difference between the two on foreign policy. Mielke wants to cut off all foreign aid.

    The Constitution Party is comprimising its noninterventionist stance with this endorsement.

  2. NewFederalist

    Since last time out the result was 61% for Obey and 39% for Mielke I doubt the CP endorsement will be enough to reverse the result. If it is closer, however, the CP will be able to point to any improvement as an example of their clout. Not necessarily a bad strategy unless the result is the same or worse.

  3. Melty

    I once met Mielke at a Ron Paul campaign meetup, but didn’t know he was fittin to run for Congress. Had I known, I’d’ve told m “Run on the liquidate-empire message Ron Paul-style to expose Obey’s hypocritical war spending increases.” That could work this time around too if he’d pipe up soon enough, like now. He’d probably loose more Republican votes than gain Democrat votes, but the gain in the swing vote could boost him. It’d draw ovations from the Constitution Party. Anything to draw attention would help. Obey’s been holding that office so long (bout forty years) it’s like it’s a given that he’s the man.

  4. Eric Dondero

    Melty, sounds like this Melke guy is more of a Libertarian than a CP-er. If he’s not a cut-and-runner War wimp, Saddam Hussein boot-licker, than he is by definition A LIBERTARIAN.

    Libertarians believe in protecting America from Radical Islamists who want to impose Sharia Law: outlawing booze and gambling, jailing marijuana smokers for life, forcing our wives and girlfriends to wear ugly black burqas from head to toe, and cutting off the genitals of our gay friends.

    Oddly, some conservatives even CPers may align with some tenents of Sharia. We Libertarians strongly and fiercely oppose these Radical Islamist bastards!

    Gooooooo Muelke!

  5. George Phillies


    Eric, you are again confusing the Libertarian Party with the Party of Paranoia and Bigotry, the party whose mascot is soon to be identified as the Woolly Mammoth, when it is not Gopy the Gopasaurus.

    Ill-tempered. Stupid. Extinct.

  6. citizen1

    Cutting supplies to the troops is just a treat. It would be up to the president to decide whether to cut supplies or bring them home.

  7. Donald R. Lake

    I am not a GOP fan. I have fed an unenthusiastic FBI damning information on current federal felon and former corrupt insular Congress Member Puke Cunningham since the mid 1990s! Since Dick [less] Nixon’s fake ‘to end the conflict in Viet Nam’ secret [non existent] I have literally hated most GOP.

    How ever ……….

    “Tedward [Wayward ?????] was also a full blown U. S. Senator when ‘Norma Jean Baker’ expired of a ‘Drug Over Dose’ in 1963. I’m not saying that Teddy was in on it, and I will not say that he killed Mary Jo [pregnant with his seed ????] but it was beyond doubt that his actions, and at least in actions lead to Mary Jo’s untimely demise and he was a powerful figure when noisy, loud, pushy First Lady wanna be super star Monroe died unexpectantly!

    I will not say that the KKK brothers directly murdered Marlyn Monroe [wasn’t she married to President James …….] but then again ……….

    Like Michael Jackson, weird stuff just keeps happening with the Kennedys [and the Rockefellers] ………

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home, struggling to warn the public about the ongoing failure of veterans programs, not just more lethal, politicized, uncaring programs that create hack patronage jobs, spend taxes in constituent communities, while doing little or nothing for real veterans, their real families, with their real problems ……”

  8. Melty

    Duffy even caws the “support our troops” warhawk cry . . . if he gets the nod it’s worse than I thought

    Citizen, as Appropriation Committee Chairman, Obey’s got some pull as to what $figures get written on spending bills. Spending on Iraq Occupation went up a lot when he got that spot back.

  9. Cody Quirk

    Oddly, some conservatives even CPers may align with some tenents of Sharia.

    = No we don’t- sounds like you’re speaking from a lower part of your body.

  10. allforsmiles

    that is really some bs. I think that the constitutional party should continue to endorse thier own candidates. They have in the past….why stop now.

  11. Melty

    I’m finding that the Constitution Party in Wisconsin has candidates of its own that are more interventionist than this Republican Mielke. Has noninterventionism been dropped from the CP’s list of priorities?

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