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Angry Australian Sex Party Features in Local, National & International Magazines

From the latest email update from the ASP:

Sex Party Angry Over Liberal’s Deceits

Fiona Patten….angry that the Lib’s future Housing Minister is making
their porn policies.

Why is the Liberal Party’s Shadow Minister for Housing making statements and preparing legislation on censorship while his colleague, the Shadow Attorney General, remains silent? This is an embarrassment to George Brandis, that his colleague, who should be at the local Homeshow or commenting on housing affordability, is in there trying to tell parents about pornography.

Sorry…he’s trying to pull the wool over their eyes about pornography! Not content with calling the object of his attention, ‘porn’ and then revealing that its actually R rated DVDs he’s trying to have locked up, he’s suggesting legislation to force parents to lock R rated DVDs in a cupboard like guns.

I think he’s been watching too many ‘loony tunes’ myself. He seems to think that as a federal politician, this requires federal legislation. He’s wrong.

It would require eight separate pieces of state and territory legislation unless he has the ear of SCAG and can just walk into their next meeting and thump the table.

I don’t think so. Scott Morrison clearly has the ear of the Australian Christian Lobby on this and probably many other issues as he quotes from their ‘bible’.

ASP in Local, National & International Magazines

Australian Sex Party features in local, national and international magazines. Over the last month the Party has been profiled in a variety of forums. AO magazine, Australia’s newest adult publication ran a story entitled The Honourable Member Will Come to Attention. The magazine is a sumptuous 180 page glossy which covers fetish, surrogacy, online dating, sexual politics and the best erotic photography around. F– USE is a smart new Canberra-based gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender lifestyle magazine which features an interview with Party convenor, Fiona Patten. Erotic Review is an international sexual issues magazine which ran a profile on the Party.

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    i want to recive free magazine

  2. paulie paulie September 17, 2009

    I’ll start it if no one else does first. Who’s with me?

  3. Mik Robertson Mik Robertson September 17, 2009

    @6, That is what the headline would lead you to think.

  4. Dave Schwab Dave Schwab September 17, 2009

    I was hoping that someone formed a new party called the “Angry Australian Sex Party”.

  5. mdh mdh September 17, 2009

    Internet censorship in Australia rivals that of China and Iran. It’s really quite oppressive.

  6. paulie paulie September 17, 2009

    I haven’t seen the show.

    I was hoping to get hits from people googling “angry sex” 😛

  7. Kimberly Wilder Kimberly Wilder September 17, 2009

    I think the headline is an episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond.”


  8. paulie paulie September 17, 2009

    We don’t ban deviant commenters such as “The Last Conservative” at IPR. We prefer to just point and laugh 🙂

  9. The Last Conservative The Last Conservative September 16, 2009

    The government should get a backbone and ban these deviant parties once and for all.

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