Illinois Greens Rich Whitney and Matt Reichel Join Forces for Fundraiser

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Green Party gubernatorial candidate, Rich Whitney, will team up with the Green candidate for congress in Illinois’s 5th congressional district, Matt Reichel, for a fundraiser the evening of Wednesday, September 30th.

This event will conclude Reichel’s Money Bomb, wherein he has been asking supporters to pledge to donate online on the final day of the third accounting period. If the campaign surpasses $5,000, Reichel will be required to file with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC).

On the prospects of these two campaigns, Reichel says: “Rich Whitney put the Greens on the scene here in Illinois with his tremendous showing in the 2006 gubernatorial race, while I surpassed all expectations in scoring an impressive 7% of the vote in a district that has traditionally elected conservative machine Democrats. It is clear that the forces of change are behind us, and we are headed for historic election results here in Illinois next November.”

The event will begin at 7:00 pm at the Globe Pub, 1934 W. Irving Park in Chicago. At 8:00pm, both candidates will address supporters.

Entertainment will be provided by the Maybenauts, DJ Shami Sosa and others.

2 thoughts on “Illinois Greens Rich Whitney and Matt Reichel Join Forces for Fundraiser

  1. Robert Milnes

    Rich Whitney, Matt Reichel, declare you support The Progressive Alliance Strategy. Ask for the libertarian vote 13%. Explain to your audience that 13% will be coming FROM the republicans. Ask for the progressive vote @27%. Explain to your audience that will be coming FROM the democrats. Do the math with the audience right there. See what THEY think.

  2. Mike Indiana


    Your ‘strategy’ has been tried before and the candidate (Kevin Zeese) was not elected . In 2006 Kevin Zeese running for the US Senate in Maryland was the nominee of the Maryland Green Party, the Libertarian Party of Maryland, and the Populist Party of Maryland. The Zeese campaign received 27,564 votes for 1.55% of the vote. According to your ‘perception’ of the electorate he should have received a substantially higher percentage of the vote.

    So did Zeese only get 1.55% of the vote because he didn’t call his campaign “The Progressive Alliance Strategy” or is it because it is extremely presumptuous to conclude that the libertarian vote is 13% (progressive/green vote = 13%) – without taking into account who the candidate is or the will of the voters.

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