LP blog: Libertarian Party quoted in product safety article

LP blog:

Excerpt from a Sep. 18 Foxnews.com article:

"It’s absurd when nanny-state bureaucrats want to regulate things we buy at mom-and-pop shops or second-hand stores," Wes Benedict, executive director of the Libertarian National Committee, told FOXNews.com. "Consumer product safety is best left to a free market where suppliers can compete based on reputation and track records. American grown-ups aren’t stupid, and they know they need to be careful about what they buy for their children from complete strangers at no-name stores."

Read the entire article.


4 thoughts on “LP blog: Libertarian Party quoted in product safety article

  1. Bill Wood

    This is awful! The Libertarian Party has lost alot if they are being quoted byFOXNEWS.Do we really want the 4 million plus listeners of FOX to hear what the LP is saying?

  2. Michael Seebeck

    Actually, this is good for the LP because it gets some positive media for us, and Wes did a great job on this one, even if he did forget the open information disclosure part in purchasing.

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