Michael Engel announces independent candidacy for Congress in Mass.

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WEBSITE: www.engelforcongress.org


Michael Engel, resident of Southampton, former Easthampton elected official, Professor Emeritus of Political Science (Westfield State College), and current business owner, is running as an independent candidate for election to the U.S. House of Representatives from the Massachusetts first district in 2010.

He believes the federal government is wasting time and money trying to fix the old, failed economic and financial system, and that working people have gained little or nothing from those efforts.  It is time, he claims, for citizens to start building a new system.

His role as a member of the House would therefore be to represent, work with, and provide resources for those who are organizing for meaningful social, economic, and political changes in America.

Engel’s campaign will be an innovative, web-based, personal grass-roots effort posing a direct challenge to the conventional million-dollar-plus campaigns conducted by congressional incumbents.

10 thoughts on “Michael Engel announces independent candidacy for Congress in Mass.

  1. The Last Conservative

    Exactly Peter, that proves that libertarians and commies are both just another form of the liberal asshole. True Conservatives will soon take power again and restore completely autocratic government to the world.

  2. Hungry Troll

    The trolls at IPR are always hungry. I know at least the Green Party members will be kind enough to feed the trolls, because they are environmentalists. They know that trolls are a persecuted species and it would be a crime to watch them starving and not do anything.

  3. Third Party Revolution

    We here at Third Party Revolution endorse Michael Engel in his campaign for Massachusetts US Congress District 1, along with many other third party and independent candidates seeking public offices nation-wide, ranging from local to federal levels.

  4. Ross Levin Post author

    Sounds like he’s not a libertarian (from his website):

    I have published two books: State and Local Government: Fundamentals and Perspectives, and The Struggle for Control of Public Education: Market Ideology vs. Democratic Values.

    (emphasis mine)

    He’s got a bit of an interesting biography. He was elected to public office a few times as an independent, beating Democrats.

    And based on these links he looks like he might be a progressive who doesn’t like the Democrats or Greens: http://www.engelforcongress.org/links/

    That’s just speculation, though.

  5. Ellis

    Look up “I live in a ghetto” and “Michael Engel”. You’ll come to a site MRZINE. This is a true Communist site. He is referred to as ‘comrade’.

    That’s what/who he really is.

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