Peace and Freedom Party: For United Labor Action Against Union Busting in California

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The Peace and Freedom Party protests the continuing attacks on public workers, and on the vital services they provide to Californians. We oppose all wage cuts, furloughs, and costly privatization schemes. We urge all public workers to unite against the attacks, and all private-sector workers to unite with them in defense of the rights, the working conditions, and the wages of all workers. Demagogues in the Legislature blame public workers for all of California’s economic problems, even though the actual source of the budget deficit is the craven failure of the legislature to impose fair taxes on the wealthiest Californians and their corporations.

We offer practical support, not just advice, to unions that are under attack. We urge union members to seek political independence from the corporate Republican and Democratic Parties, and we would be happy to welcome labor candidates on our ballot line to oppose the corporate politicians. We point out that reliance on corporate Democratic Party politicians has resulted in failure after failure, with the Democratic Party uniting with the Republicans in chopping staffs, wages and benefits every time the budget comes to a vote, while giving additional breaks to corporations each time as well. Instead of reliance on the never-dependable Democrats, labor needs united mass action to resist each attack, and take the initiative in pushing for the changes working people need.

Adopted by the officers of the Peace and Freedom Party on 11-September-2009

9 thoughts on “Peace and Freedom Party: For United Labor Action Against Union Busting in California

  1. Obama Been Lyin'

    “fair taxes on the wealthiest Californians and their corporations.”

    Then watch them move to other states. Brilliant!

  2. Michael Seebeck

    Well, at least the P&F folks are consistent in their calls for force and slavery in terms of taxation…

  3. libertariangirl

    pissed off Californians , Nevada is right next door ! …and we need your money bad . more freedom , less taxes , right now…move to Nevada!!!

  4. libertariangirl

    we do have alot of heat as in high temps and alot of heat as in outa control cops but… we have legal hookers , legal gambling and legal med pot , soon to be legal for personal use with a MPP initiative for 2012. cheap food , a lake , a dam , mountains skiing , cheap groceries , great shopping and me

  5. Michael Seebeck

    Heat as in temperatures, yes.

    But speaking as a 20-year CO resident, NV don’t know skiing.

  6. mdh

    WV has the city with the lowest unemployment in the whole country, mountains, ornery old bastards who make moonshine, cops that don’t really give a fuck as long as you’re not hurting anybody else, nice moderate weather, plenty of land to set up shop off the grid and plenty of small cities with lots of fun atmosphere, plenty of attractive women who love sex, and best of all, the most fun, radical, state party affiliate in the country!

  7. Michael Seebeck


    Them ain’t mountains. Them there be hills! Your highest point is called a “knob” and it’s 2000 feet BELOW the mean elevation of Colorado, and 400 feet UNDER my house out there. We would call that a speed bump.

    But don’t you guys also have a tooth shortage there, too? 😀

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