In Long Island, NY: Constitution Party demonstrates against mandatory vaccines

New York State has mandated that certain health care workers receive the H1N1 (Swine Flu) vaccine. At a Long Island demonstration against mandatory vaccination, the Constitution Party appeared, and received mention in the local press.

“The Constitution Party distributed pamphlets at the rally
urging smaller government.

(excerpt from) Newsday
Health care workers protest flu-vaccination order
October 11, 2009

Health care providers from throughout Long Island gathered on the lawn of Suffolk County’s Health Department Saturday in a second day of protests against the state’s mandatory flu-vaccination order.

Carrying picket signs in Hauppauge, the group numbering about 60 quietly talked among themselves as passing drivers honked in support. Protesters, who were from a number of medical facilities held a similar rally Friday in Mineola…

Many protesters said they’re angry over what they feel is a violation of their civil rights — and a loss of the right to choose. The Constitution Party distributed pamphlets at the rally urging smaller government.

“I am not opposed to immunization, I am opposed to mandating both of them [seasonal and swine flu vaccinations],” said registered nurse Vickie Thompson who works at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center in East Patchogue. Thompson said she’s willing to lose her job…

27 thoughts on “In Long Island, NY: Constitution Party demonstrates against mandatory vaccines

  1. Robert Milnes

    I beg your pardon, healthcare workers. You don’t like the rules & regs & precautions based on the best scientific & medical knowledge presently, then go find another line of work. Your right to risk a communicable disease ends when a patient walks in the door.

  2. Robert Milnes

    Ok I just woke up with my usual boner, Trent. Where is Susan?…After that comment above I’ve cleared my head & taken my 3 morning aspirins for the various pains I have upon waking. So now I’ve got something to say so I’m hijacking this boring thread that nobody is commenting on anyway. It is October 12. If you asshole activists of the third party/independent type get off your fool asses & ego trips & whatnot & start organizing the pursuit of the PLAS PLEASE Strategy, IMO it could still work. Concentrate on educating the voters. Say PLEASE-please reactionaries take your dicks out of my ass. No? Well then we, the Crazy Losers Club, will VOTE YOU OUT, assholes.

  3. Robert Milnes

    Healthcare workers, I know those latex gloves are a hassle to put on and uncomfortable. And some of you may even be allergic to them. But honestly, wouldn’t you rather have one on when you stick your finger up a patient’s ass? & don’t you think the patient appreciates having that barrier instead of relying on just how good you washed your hands? & don’t forget the lube, please!

  4. Robert Milnes

    Now, if you INSIST on not putting the latex gloves on, we patients must counter insist that you trim & file down your fingernail before sticking it in. & no cold, clammy limp fingers! Fair enough?

  5. Robert Milnes

    & please, most patients prefer slipping the taught finger in slowly & gently. Although some prefer hard & fast. Lube as necessary & it may very well not be, depending. & most patients are too polite to say so, but the bigger & thicker the finger, the more they appreciate it. & before any procedure, make sure the consent form is filled out completely. With all the i’s dotted & t’s crossed.

  6. KDK

    What a moron RMilnes is. Simply a moron. It is the flu, not the bubonic plague. No one should have the right to inject anothers’ body with toxins, no one. Everyone has rights and we do what is best for us based on decisions… decisions on facts, not hype. Fact, ethylmercury is more dangerous than the touted methylmercury. A new study was just released a few months ago stating this. The gov hasn’t produced any long-term studies on Thimerisol? Please. For good reason–it is toxic.

    Here is a piece… try to understand what it says, okay?

    “This study showed Thimerosal-induced cellular damage in human neuronal and fetal-cell model systems in a concentration- and time-dependent fashion using Thimerosal at low nanomolar (parts-per-billion) concentrations. These concentrations are comparable to those found in fetal and early infant exposure to mercury from Thimerosal-containing biologics and vaccines in the 1990s and, in some instances, today. These levels induced significant cellular toxicity in the human neuronal and fetal cells studied. The Thimerosal-induced cellular damage was consistent with that found in pathophysiological studies of patients diagnosed with an ASD. In both instances, the studies found significant mitochondrial dysfunction, reduced cellular oxidative-reduction activity, cell degeneration, and cell death.

    The present study also revealed that Thimerosal is significantly more toxic than the other metal compounds studied (e.g., aluminum sulfate, methylmercury hydroxide, lead acetate, and mercuric chloride). The explanation for Thimerosal’s greater toxicity than even methylmercury hydroxide (MeHgOH) appears to be the fact that Thimerosal was chemically engineered in the 1920s to be a more highly toxic alkylmercury compound, whose biological transport and intracellular delivery properties were enhanced. Compared to MeHgOH, Thimerosal has: 1) higher aqueous solubility (i.e. ability to dissolve in water and water-based systems); 2) higher solubility in cell membranes (i.e. ability to dissolve in cell membranes); and 3) higher intracellular toxicity (i.e. ability to inactivate essential cell processes) and mercury retention.”

    The report wasn’t produced in a garage and it WAS NOT funded by pharma, ama, cdc, gov, etc.

  7. NewFederalist

    He likes you, Trent. In that “special” way. You sure are lucky. By the way, I think he meant “tent” not “Trent” when he was referring to his.. (ahem) early morning situation.

  8. libertariangirl

    My daughter was ‘officially’ diagnosed with Swine Flu , she went to the doctor because she has insurance thru her dad .
    I also got sick , I have no insurance so I didnt go , but using my super-mega-ultra deductive reasoning , I diagnosed myself with Swine Flu.

    Do not believe the hype , it is FAR from the worst flu Ive ever had and Im glad I let my immune system topple it . Id never get the vaccine nor would I recommend to anyone.

    In case anyone missed my witty commentary the last cpl weeks thats whats been goin on 🙂

  9. libertariangirl

    I know right , I look at the who’s posted list and when I see a bunch of Milnes I just go away now.
    tired of it

  10. Trent Hill


    You might be right. I can read it and somewhat understand what he’s saying. I’ve always thought Milnes and Don Lake should have their own cooperative blog. It’d be funny as hell.

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