New York City Mayor election is an eight-candidate race

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New York City Mayor Election Is an Eight-Candidate Race

October 11th, 2009

The November 3, 2009 New York city Mayoral ballot will include these eight candidates, in this ballot order: William C. Thompson (Dem., Working Families), Michael R. Bloomberg (Rep., Independence), Stephen Christopher (Conservative), Francisca “Frances” Villar (Party for Socialism and Liberation), Dan Fein (Socialist Workers), Billy Talen (Green), Jimmy McMillan (Rent is Too High), Joseph Dobrian (Libertarian).

Because New York city imposes a 15-letter limit on party labels, Villar’s ballot label is “Socialism & Lib.”

The 2005 mayoral race also had 8 candidates on the ballot. They were from the same parties as in 2009, except in 2005, the Party for Socialism and Liberation did not have a candidate (the party did not exist back then), and there was an independent candidate in 2005 with the label “Education.”

Two petitioning candidates for Mayor were challenged off the ballot. They were Robert Burck, “Naked Cowboy” and Alan Chusid, “Messianic.”

For the 2009 election, the other two citywide offices have fewer candidates. The Public Advocate race is a 5-way race, with these candidates: Bill de Blasio (Dem., Working Families), Alex Zablocki (Republican), William J. Lee (Conservative), Maura Deluca (Socialist Workers), and Jim Lesczynski (Libertarian).

The Comptroller race also has five candidates: John C. Liu (Democrat, Working Families), Joseph A. Mendola (Republican), Stuart Avrick (Conservative), Salim Ejaz (Rent is Too High), John Clifton (Libertarian).

7 thoughts on “New York City Mayor election is an eight-candidate race

  1. Robert Milnes

    Ok, the Progressive Libertarian Alliance Strategy would call for the following: Mayor, Billy Talen, Green, (since-I believe-he was first on the ballot), Public Advocate, Jim Lesczynski, Libertarian (since there is no Green on this ballot), Comptroller, John Clifton, Libertarian(since there is no Green on this ballot).

  2. Robert Milnes

    Talen should declare his support for the Strategy & for the Libertarian to withdraw & for the libertarian vote. Dobrian should voluntarily withdraw to simplify the Strategy for the voters. He should also announce support for the strategy & for libertarians to vote for Talen, the Green.

  3. Robert Milnes

    TPR, no. The PLAS should defer to no one. Proceed with the PLAS regardless of what the lib. does. It just would be simpler & easier if he steppede aside gracefully. If not, fuck’em.

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