Constitution Party: SGT Mitch Gill’s Story

Posted on the front page of the Constitution Party national website:

SGT Mitch Gill’s Story

I have always believed that joining and voting for a third party was a wasted vote. I believed that someone who was more like Ronald Reagan would eventually lead the Republican Party back in the right direction. I have always voted but this last Presidential election I was not sure who would hurt the country less; a rather pathetic way to look at a decision as important as it was.

I have always been patriotic. I supported the troops who went to Vietnam, joined the USAF in 1976 and served 11 years. After a 17 year break, 9/11 and a President I believed in, I rejoined the military at the age of 48 and served a tour in Iraq. Upon my return some of my friends were serving on the border. Their stories of how they carried weapons with no ammo, the illegal’s, once they found out, would run right past our troops and the border fence that barely got started, upset me and I became cynical of my own President.

The major changes in me occurred when President Obama was elected and began moving us closer and closer to Socialism or Fascism. But the nail in the coffin was the silence from my party and watching my Congressman (Dave Reichert) vote for Cap and Trade.

I raised my hand just like the President, members of the Senate and the House that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic! Unfortunately I do not feel that my President nor either party is honoring that oath.

I have therefore resigned from the Republican Party and joined the Constitution Party. This party represents my values and beliefs and I firmly believe that as we sink deeper and deeper, more Democrats and Republicans will become disillusioned and join the Constitution Party.

I have digitally signed my name in large font in the event that my email is posted. Though I do not dare to compare myself to John Hancock, I do want to insure that those that choose to destroy the principles that so many of us bled and died for, can see my name very clearly.

Signed without reservation,

Mitchell P. Gill

SGT Mitch Gill
Operations NCO
WA Army National Guard
Camp Murray, WA 98430
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

18 thoughts on “Constitution Party: SGT Mitch Gill’s Story

  1. Don Lake, .......

    Dear Mary, as many of your cohorts have told me in whispered tomes since 2007, the veterans organization is nothing more than a recruitment conduit for the main party unit! Not one thing more. CP’s ‘commitment’ to former military is nothing more than the ‘boiler plating’ of ‘we wish the dead and dying the best of luck ………..’ that the Democans and the Republicrats mockily mouth on official holidays!

    So there, Mary ‘Don’t Know What I’m Talking About’ Starrett ……….

    Sooooooooo little to do with veterans, the military, and the constitution ……….

  2. Don Lake .......... The USSR is dead

    Hey Ollie, could you take a moment to research the lack of effort on the CP’s fake veterans out reach ?????? It is 100% a partisan recruitment tool and basic bait and switch fake out!

    We need to be better than the Establish ment Duopoly —– not as bad or worse!

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