Link and early returns for NYC Mayor’s race

Both NBC and the NY Times have called the 2009 NYC Mayor race for Bloomberg. Though, there is not a big percentage of polling results in. And, as of 11 minutes ago, the AP says that Bloomberg and Thompson are in a close race. At NY1 there is a chart with numbers for all the third party candidates in races including Mayor, Comptroller, Public Advocate, all the way to City Council members.

(excerpt from charts at)

Mayor [of NYC]
(Note: These are not final. Click on link above for final, unofficial results as of 11/4)

Michael Bloomberg (GOP)……….48.72%

William Thompson (Dem)……….48.02%

Stephen Christopher (Con)……….1.64%

Billy Talen (Grn) ……….0.83%

Jimmy McMillan (Oth)……….0.25%

Francisca Villar (PSL)……….0.23%

Joseph Dobrian (Lib)……….0.19%

Daniel Fein (SWP)……….0.13%

8 thoughts on “Link and early returns for NYC Mayor’s race

  1. Ariel

    Lynne actually didn’t outspend the incumbent – he raised close to $12,000 more than her as of the last public filing, and he held a big fundraiser the day after that.

  2. Kimberly Wilder

    At Ballot Access News, Richard Winger posted the numbers from the 2005 Mayor race, which make an interesting comparison.

    In 2005, the percentages had been:

    Michael Bloomberg (Republican, Independence) 58.40%

    Fernando Ferrer (Democratic) 39.02%

    Thomas Ognibene (Conservative) 1.13%

    Anthony Gronowicz (Green) .64%

    Jimmy McMillan (Rent is Too Damn High) .32%

    Audrey Silk (Libertarian) .22%

    Martin Koppel (Socialist Workers Party) .17%

    Seth Blum (Education) .09%.

  3. Kimberly Wilder Post author

    Oh, and here are the update (yet, still unofficial) results from 2009 Mayor race from NY1. Note that on the recount in NY, the minor parties usually go up a lot. Election workers are usually Dems and Reps who often don’t take the time to catch the figures for the lower rows…

    Michael Bloomberg (GOP) 50.61%

    William Thompson (Dem) 46.04%

    Stephen Christopher (Con) 1.66%

    Billy Talen (Grn) 0.81%

    Francisca Villar (PSL) 0.32%

    Jimmy McMillan (Oth) 0.24%

    Joseph Dobrian (Lib) 0.18%

    Daniel Fein (SWP) 1496 0.14%

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