American Conservative Party: ‘1 am vote through the snow storm’
By Mick Griffin
Monday, 21 December

Can you imagine? It is the middle of the night on Sunday and Senators are trekking to the Hill for a vote that could not wait until sunrise. Lets not forget that Washington, DC just got hit by a snow storm that virtually shut the district down for the weekend. But still Mr. Reid decided that he needed the vote while the rest of the nation slept.

Why not let everyone get some sleep and let the road crews clear the snow and vote in the morning? Oh yeah, after the vote the Senate only has 30 hours of debate before the issue comes to vote again to move it forward and Christmas is Friday. The house is already gone and can not act of this until after the new year, but Mr. Reid wants in on their desks first thing in January.

What is the rush? Could it be that opposition is growing against the healthcare bill? Could be. If that is the case then it is in the best interest of the Democrats to get the bill past while everyone else is busy with the Christmas season and are distracted from what the Congress is doing. This healthcare bill has opposition on all sides now, no one wants the thing but Pelosi and Reid want it crammed forward and put on the President’s desk as soon as possible. Health care reform is a very important issue and needs to be discussed at length not shuffled through in the middle of the night which is what Congress is doing which tells me that its not the best thing for this country.

If your Senator or Congressman is voting in favor of this reform bill with out proper redress then maybe they don’t have your best interest at heart and should be voted out of office. Give it proper thought and really think just how important this is to you and your family now and in the future. Remember, we will get billed for it (taxed) several years before anyone can benefit from it. If there are any benefits to it.

Tell Congress to slow down and do things right, you are their boss after all.

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