Federal Court in NY issues ruling in Reform Party dispute

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Federal Court in New York Issues Ruling in Internal Reform Party Dispute

December 16th, 2009

On December 16, U.S. District Court Judge Joseph F. Bianco, a Bush, Jr., appointee, issued an opinion in MacKay v Crews, eastern district, 09-cv-2218. He ruled that the 2008 national convention of the Reform Party in Texas was a valid convention. Therefore, the national officers elected at that convention are the rightful holders of the party’s trademarks and logos. Those officers are: chair David Collison, vice-chair Rodney Martin, secretary Janelle Skinner-Weill, and treasurer Beverly Kennedy. The decision, which is already printed, is 19 pages.

Winners and Losers, taken from a list in the decision:

Won in court:

Defendants Beverly Kennedy, Charles Foster, David Collison, Janice Miller, Ruben Hernandez, Jr., and Matthew Johnson. The decision refers to this group as the “Collison Faction.” Also, Kay Allison Crews,who was appointed as
a receiver by a Texas Court.

Lost in court:

The plaintiffs in this case include the Independence Party of New York (“IPNY”); Frank MacKay, listed as President of the RPUSA;  Michael Zumbluskas, a member of the IPNY and chairman of the RPUSA Legal Committee; and John Blare, listed as the Secretary of the RPUSA. The decision refers to the plaintiffs as the “Blare Faction.”These plaintiffs failed in their claim to be the rightful leadership of the Reform Party.

13 thoughts on “Federal Court in NY issues ruling in Reform Party dispute

  1. jake


    Now the real work begins by rebuilding the SPOs. I know a lot of people believe the RPUSA/SPOs are dead but there a lot of hard working individuals who stayed outside the limelight during these lawsuits.

    I have heard about good people from throughout the atlantic seaboard, upper midwestern states, and especially the southeast.

    I am very excited about all of this, but I also understand the sleepless nights actually begin NOW! Which of course my girlfriend isnt too happy about probably 🙂

  2. Don Lake .......... A Couple More Paul Harvey Moments

    Additional back stories:

    [a] The Independence Party types, per corrupt 21st American Fascist Zionist John ‘Israel First’ Blare’s back room invitation[s], BOUGHT their way into non existent ‘virtual’ offices.

    [b] Blare, John Coffey, Valli Sharpe Geisler, John Bambey, and other anti American Jewish Mafia types killed the 2005 monthly RfP USA print house organ and the national blog to protect an oft told tale of IDF murder of US Sailors on the non combatant USS Liberty.

    Rhode Island’s Greenwood family play the on going role of the traitorous fellow travelers ……

    Blare, Sharpe-Giesler, and Citizens For A Better Veterans Home cofounder Coffey personally owe me money: Gypsies, Tramps and Theives!

  3. Catholic Trotskyist

    Agreed with Don on this; the Reform Party is worthless. As far as I can tell, it seems like the really bad guys lost, but this Martin faction is pretty ineffective, even by the standards of third parties.

  4. David Collison

    Well, as far as we are concerned, the “good guys” won. Our focus is on party building and running candidates. Their focus was on endorsing candidates of other parties. Mr. MacKay claimed to be the Chairman of two national parties at the same time on his Myspace page and in intervews. Does that make sense to you?

    If you read the judge’s decision, you can get a pretty good feel for who was in the right. You can find the full decision here:


    David Collison
    RPUSA Chairman 2008-2012

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