Modern Whig Party Charter and Bylaws posted…

here (.pdf).

Also posted on the Modern Whig website:


Established in 1833, the Whigs are one of America’s oldest mainstream political parties. We were the original party of Abraham Lincoln and four other U.S. Presidents.

Revived by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, the grassroots movement has quickly attracted tens of thousands of members. We represent moderate voters from all walks of life who cherry-pick between traditional Democratic and Republican ideals in what has been called the Modern Whig Philosophy.

This includes general principles of fiscal responsibility, strong national defense, social acceptance and scientific/educational advancement.

Whigs moving forward

Recently, key state and national leaders met near our headquarters in Washington, DC to further develop the next steps in building a viable, mainstream, and non-fringe grassroots political movement. From its beginnings as a group revived by returning war veterans to its current inclusiveness for all Americans, the Modern Whig movement continues to be recognized as a beacon for those from across the mainstream political spectrum who value common sense, rational solutions ahead of partisan rhetoric and strict ideology.

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  1. Trent Hill


    This is a good find, but im worried posts like this will cause us to lose our Google News listings. So if you could, always insert at least a couple lines. In this case you could just mention how new the Modern Whig party is, etc.

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