Ohio Green Party: ‘What a Green Party Governor Would Mean for Ohio’s Environment’

Forwarded by Lou Novak to contact.ipr@gmail.com; also posted at Green Party Watch:

Ohio Green Party’s candidate for Governor Dennis Spisak would clean up Ohio’s water and air! Lessen our dependence on dirty coal plants, unlike current Governor Ted “Dirty Coal” Strickland.

Dennis Spisak would also bring in renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, and geothermal energy.

Dennis Spisak and the Ohio Green Party would also look into:

Investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy is key to sustainability. Just as ecological materials management is governed by the concept of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” (in priority order), ecological energy management must be governed by the principle of Conservation, Efficiency, and clean renewables. Of highest importance is to use less, then to use wisely, and to have clean production of what is used.

We call for the development of state energy policies that include taxes and/or fines on energy “waste,” and the funding of energy research, including credits for alternative and sustainable energy use such as solar, wind, hydrogen and biomass or energy derived from industrial grade hemp or organic waste.

The Green Party calls for the retirement of the aging nuclear power reactors in Ohio, as soon as possible, since they are currently deteriorating, unsafe and not economical as a source of power for Ohio.

The Green Party recognizes that there is no such thing as nuclear waste “disposal.” All six of the “low-level” nuclear waste dumps in the United States have leaked. There are no technological quick fixes which can effectively isolate nuclear waste from the biosphere for the duration of its hazardous life. Therefore, it is essential that generation of additional nuclear wastes be stopped. Current methods of underground storage are a danger to present and future generations. Any nuclear waste management strategies must be above ground, continuously monitored, retrievable and repackageable.

The Green Party strongly opposes any shipment of high-level nuclear waste across Ohio to the proposed Nevada waste “repository” at Yucca Mountain or any other centralized facility. The Green Party believes that this proposal is part of a move to re-fire on a fast-track, the commercial nuclear industry, if they can get their unsafe waste product “safely disposed of.”

We call for independent, public-access radiation, safety and maintenance monitoring at all nuclear facilities in Ohio. We will require a neutral team of scientists and engineers to appraise the Davis-Besse and Perry plants.

In addition to aggressive energy conservation and efficiency measures, The Green Party of Ohio advocates the rapid and mandatory conversion to the best available clean technology in all existing and new power plants located in Ohio.

The Green Party of Ohio advocates the reduction of solid waste creation in the state. A “bottle bill” and “litter tax” are both elements of public policy, which are supported by the Green Party. A Green Party endorsed “bottle bill” would require a small deposit on all containers, including jars, cans, jugs, glass and plastic bottles to be paid at the time of purchase and to be refunded through source-based refund centers. Packaging, including wrappers, bags, boxes, etc., would be required to bear the name of the producer or marketer of the product, and remain the property of the producer or marketer.Waste in general needs to be reduced. Wastes, which are hazardous or toxic, need to be eliminated or minimized. The producers of waste must bear the responsibility for the ultimate conversion, recycling or ultimate disposal of these wastes.

The Green Party of Ohio opposes the disposal within the state of Ohio, wastes which are generated outside the state of Ohio. The challenge to any interpretation of US constitutional law, which would require Ohio to take possession of out-of-state-generated wastes is supported by the Green Party of Ohio and should be in the program of the Secretary of State, Governor and Attorney General. Aggressive measures need to be taken to end the use of Ohio as a dumping ground for solid and liquid wastes.

The time is now to clean up Ohio’s water and air. The time is now to elect Dennis Spisak for Governor. Don’t give Ted Strickland anymore time to dirty Ohio’s air, streams, and rivers with dirty coal emissions.


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