Ralph Nader: Dubya and Obama are “a Seamless Transition” on the War

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Description on the youtube page: On Sat., Dec. 12, 2009, Ralph Nader, a political gadfly par excellence, a distinguished and best selling author and a persistent Third Party presidential candidate, was one of the featured speakers at the emergency End-the-U.S.-Wars rally. See, for background: http://www.enduswars.org/ The spirited event was held in Lafayette Park, opposite the White House. For a short bio on Mr. Nader go to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralph_Nader This video contains excerpts from his remarks.

Bonus video:

4 presidential candidates join Afghan war protest

Following Obama Nobel speech, Nader, Kucinich, Gravel and McKinney speak out against the war.

Cynthia McKinney was the Green Party presidential candidate in 2008; see her remarks here. Nader was the Green Party presidential candidate in 2000 and an independent candidate for the same office in 2008 and 2004. Mike Gravel ran for both the Libertarian and Democratic Party presidential nominations in 2008; his speech can be seen here. Kucinich ran for the Democratic Party nomination in 2008 with a good deal of his support coming from alternative voters and independent progressives (that is, those who don’t always support the Democratic Party nominee in the general election, sometimes opting for more radical alternatives).

12 thoughts on “Ralph Nader: Dubya and Obama are “a Seamless Transition” on the War

  1. Michael Cavlan

    Good question Paulie.

    Why was Ron Paul not there? Was he not invited or did he choose to not attend?

    Of course this thing was so badly organized. Only a couple thousand made it. previous anti-war demo’s have had 100,000 and more.

    I know that in Minneapolis, the local “anti-war” organizers did NOT organize buses or any other transportation to this. Unlike previous events in DC.

    I strongly suspect that these “anti-war” organizations have a problem with organizing against a DEMOCRAT WAR.

    This has probably ben the case all over the country.

    The anti-war movement needs to be re build from the ground up. First by ejecting the Democrat apologists. Folks like UFPJ, Code Pink etc etc.

  2. steve conn

    I wish Ralph Nader was not proven to be correct so often on the war, behavior of both political parties, universal health care, etc.etc. I’ll stick with Ralph in 2012.

  3. JAlanKatz

    Good to see Dennis coming around. I was disgusted to see him endorse Obama at the convention.

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