Two Green Websites for Green Party Candidates

Posted by Ronald Hardy at Green {arty Watch:

Pennsylvania Green Matt Cleveland created New Menu in 2007, because he was shocked at how many Green Party candidates either didn’t have a website, or were using free sites cluttered with unwanted advertising. He created “New Menu” to offer Green Party candidates a free website, free email, free blog, and other services to support their campaign. The site has been upgraded in 2009 and I highly recommend checking it out.

If you are a candidate on a low budget or who wants/needs a quick and easy web-presence, New Menu is made for you!

The second site I wanted to point out is maintained by the Green Party Senatorial Campaign Committee. This site has been very recently redesigned and is still a work in progress, but it’s intent is to showcase and raise funds for Greens running for federal office (US Senate, US House, US President). If nothing else, consider going to the “donate” page and investing ten or twenty dollars to a Committee that will use the money to recruit and support Green Party candidates… (Full disclosure: I am currently the Chair of the Senate Campaign Committee, so be aware that I am suggesting donations to a committee that I chair!)

Finally, a quick note regarding Green Party Watch. Our intrepid volunteers here have been taking some well deserved rest over the end-of-year holidays. We are considering a site “overhaul” before 2010, but no guarantees. We will be looking for new contributors of content to the site, particularly people who like to share state and national news about the Green Party or Green Party candidates. We are also interested in increasing our gender balance and diversity among our contributors, so if you think you can help us please let us know at NOTE: All Volunteers, No Money. We are not a business and we are not hiring (and we have no money so don’t ask for money).

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