George Phillies: New downloadable Libertarian brochures

Comment by George Phillies on a previous IPR thread:

I have posted at

two trifolds thet are entirely downloadable and usable. They are presented as: trifolds with blank sides for local or state group information, MS-PUB files for people needing further editing, and full trifolds as examples of things that can be done.

They match several major outreach events here in Massachusetts on ending the war on pot and on GLBT rights.

Readers are welcome to them.

These trifolds are an example of what our party should be doing at the national level, rather than perpetually bogging down in the sort of issues seen here.

3 thoughts on “George Phillies: New downloadable Libertarian brochures

  1. Spence

    George, if you don’t win this race, jump ship and help us start our own party. We’ll make enough in roads in a short amount of time to equal the LP in probably 2-3 election cycles. That’s how impotent the current leadership is.

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