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Delegation Chair’s Manual, 2010 (Revised 01-20-2010)
Dear State Chairs, Convention Delegation Chairs and Delegates to the 2010 National Convention:
In November I updated the Delegation Chair’s Manual using October 31 membership data to determine the number of delegates each affiliate is entitled to. Our Bylaws prescribe how we allocate the total of 1050 delegates to affiliates for our 2010 National Convention in St. Louis. Delegate allocations depend upon 1) vote totals for Bob Barr in 2008 and 2) Membership totals as of, in this case, October 31, 2009.
Since November I have updated the document with Convention Committee member updates and prospective affiliate seating order. The latter indicates how close to the stage your affiliate will be seated. In years past we used a year-to-year member growth rate metric. This has not yet been approved for use in 2010, but is likely to be.
I will not be producing hard copies of the Delegation Chair’s Manual for affiliates as I have done in the past. Instead, I invite you to download, print or store copies on your computer for your use at the Convention. I intend to donate the money saved to the Party.
Since I’m from Missouri where the Convention will be held, and since the Show Me State’s delegation may sell out, I will be attending the Convention as a delegate from New York. This will free up a seat that another Missourian might occupy.
By the way, do you know why Missouri is called the Show Me State? Missouri’s U.S. Congressman Willard Vandiver popularized what had been common saying when he declared in a speech at an 1899 naval banquet, retorting to what a previous speaker had said, “I come from a state that raises corn and cotton and cockleburs and Democrats, and frothy eloquence neither convinces nor satisfies me. I am from Missouri. You have got to show me.”
Somewhat earlier a miner’s strike in Leadville, Colorado, provided an opportunity for miners from Joplin, Missouri to be brought in to take the place of the strikers. They were unfamiliar with Colorado mining methods and required frequent instruction. Pit bosses began saying, “That man is from Missouri. You’ll have to show him.”
I look forward to seeing you again at the Convention. As Judy Garland once sang, “Meet me in St. Louie, Louie, meet me at the Fair. Don’t tell me the lights are shining, anyplace but there!”
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2 thoughts on “Libertarian Party blog: An update from LNC Secretary Bob Sullentrup

  1. Geno Canto del Halcon

    I doubt that the Show Me delegation will be a “sell out” because of the proposed $129 fee that convention committee has agreed to just for delegates to participate in the business meeting. Apparently the LNC convention committee thinks they have the power to decide who may be delegates, in violation of the LNC Bylaws. So, I’m recommending that all libertarians who believe, as I do, that this is just WRONG, boycott the national convention in St. Louis.

  2. Thomas L. Knapp


    I hope that nobody will boycott the convention.

    The better approach is to defeat the poll tax.

    As of my last information, the chair had declined to rule on the issue of whether or not the bylaws say what they say until a parliamentarian tells him that they say what they say.

    Assuming the parliamentarian can read and understand English (in the past this has proven not to be a safe assumption), he or she will report to the chair that yes, the bylaws do in fact say what they say, the chair will accordingly shut down the poll tax, and we can get back to preparing for a great convention.

    Failing that, the LNC meets next month in Austin and can, if its members so choose, force the chair to apply the bylaws to the question of the poll tax.

    One way of encouraging the chair and/or the LNC to do the right thing, if you were planning on buying a package, is to let LPHQ know that you’ll do so as soon as the packages become a voluntary purchase instead of a delegate poll tax and not one minute before.

    If you WEREN’T planning to buy a package, I hope you’ll reconsider … and do the same thing. I’m trying to round up the cash to buy the basic package myself and will do so as soon as I have the money … and as soon as the poll tax requirement is repealed.

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