Michael Badnarik reportedly making progress towards recovery after heart attack

Posted by Allan Wikman in the comments here:

Michael was cardioverted again today (with the electric paddles) to try to get his heart to beat more regularly. This evening they did the tracheostomy and looked down his throat. He had ripped the breathing tube out of his throat and they were afraid he damaged his vocal chords. Things looked pretty good and the doctors said the surgery went very well. They will give him antibiotics to be sure there isn’t an infection after having the tube in his throat for 14 days. They have kept him very sedated all this time because he couldn’t breathe without the breathing tube but it was very uncomfortable for him. He needed to rest so his heart could strengthen.

When we first got to the hospital and I whispered to him that Dad, Chuck and I were there, he immediately tried to open his eyes, sit up and was thrashing around. He became so agitated that they asked me to leave the room after I was there 10 min. He was only able to open his eyes about 1/8? and I could see how cloudy his eyes looked. He responded very strongly every time he heard my voice.

We are hoping the trach is only temporary and after hearing from our cousin Denise telling us her experience with a trach I think we were relieved. They will slowly wean him off the heavy drugs and he will be able to communicate. He has a laptop he can use. We don’t know how long he will be in the hospital or when he will be released.

Lynne has been there the entire time and his friend Alan is determined to stay until Michael is released and will drive Michael to our house to recuperate. There aren’t enough words to thank them for all they are doing. This is very exhausting and living in a hotel adds even more stress.

We are amazed at the number of people who are praying for Michael’s recovery. I didn’t know that many people in America still pray.

Thank you for all your prayers, kind words and best wishes for Michael. It made a very unpleasant experience bearable.



Today 1/5/10 Michael is alert, sitting in a chair and knows what has happened to him the last two weeks!

16 thoughts on “Michael Badnarik reportedly making progress towards recovery after heart attack

  1. Jodie Mansueto

    Great news! Thank you for the update. Sending prayers and best wishes to Michael for his complete recovery and to his family to sustain them during this trying time.

  2. Steve Kramer

    I hadn’t seen this news earlier; I would have included it in my last podcast. Here’s one Green wishing a continued speedy recovery to Mr. Badnarik, and prayers and best wishes to him and his family.

  3. Petey Browder

    Hi, Thanks for the update. I am so glad to hear Michael is doing better and on his way to recovery. If you can post an address, perhaps a P.O. box, I would certainly like to send him a card. You are all in my prayers.

  4. B4Liberty

    Michael Badnarik
    Gunderson Lutheran
    CCU room 6205
    1910 South
    Avenue Lacrosse, WI 54601

  5. Helen Schuenemann

    Prayers and love to a friend and patriot. Let us know when you can get snail or email.

  6. Todd Brooks

    Praise the Lord!!! This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. The world needs Michael Badnarik.

  7. Michael

    Is the family in need of any sort of assistance with the medical bills? I can’t offer a lot but I would like to send a donation if needed.

  8. Rita Gonzalez

    Good news about Michael. Strength was found by his loved ones to care for him during this rough period. Michael, please listen to the docs and your family and don’t try to do too much too soon. It will just land you back in the hospital and that’s not a good thing for you or your caretakers. Your body just gave you a wake-up call. It was telling you to SLOW DOWN! My regards and concern, Rita Gonzalez in Austin Texas

  9. B4Liberty

    Michael Badnarik is feeling well enough to post to his Face Book page. Health and Liberty will Prevail!

  10. Tim Armijo

    May Michael Badnarik realize the potential of the phrase “that which does not kill me makes me stronger”: best energy to him-

  11. Denis Goddard

    I am an Atheist… but when I heard about Michael’s attack, I solemnly prayed to whoever or whatever might be out there to let Michael stay with us a little longer. We need him so much.

  12. Antony Reed

    Carol Ann and I received a call from Michael yesterday. He is doing much better, though there is a lot of recovery yet to be had. He is warm and well loved over at his Parent’s house now.

  13. Pro Liberty

    Website Established to Help Pay Michael Badnarik’s Medical Bills

    A website has been established to accept donations to help pay for the medical expenses of Michael Badnarik at http://www.heartsofliberty.org/.

    Michael was the Presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party in 2004 and is the residing President of the 2009 Continental Congress. He currently teaches classes on the Constitution and travels the country in support of Liberty. His nickname “Heart of Liberty” recalls Michael’s campaign slogan from his Presidential run, “Lighting the fires of Liberty one heart at a time.”

    On December 21, 2009, Michael had a heart attack while in Madison, Wisconsin to attend a hearing in support of the use of raw milk. He was rushed by helicopter to Gunderson Lutheran Hospital in Lacrosse WI, where he was fitted with a temporary pacemaker and a balloon pump to ease stress on his heart. He had a stent placed inside a blocked artery and was kept in a medically-induced coma for two weeks. Michael has since been released from the hospital and is now in recovery.

    As Michael was in the ICU, Eric Nordstrom proposed a fundraiser to help cover the expenses. Nordstrom said, “I would never ask for help in this regard and I am sure Michael wouldn’t as well. All the more reason we help.”

    The Free & Equal Elections Foundation has set up the website to establish a fund for Michael’s recent and ongoing medical expenses. Free & Equal Founder and CEO, Christina Tobin, said, “Michael has always given everything of himself for a just cause, and never because he was seeking a paycheck. Now it’s time to show the world how free people can take care of each other without government intervention, just as he has taught.”

    Nordstrom added, “We are hoping to show the generosity of We the People. We would like to get the Heart of Liberty back in action and focused on the fight, not on bills!”

    All donations received through http://www.heartsofliberty.org/ will be used to pay directly for Michael’s medical bills. Any excess will be returned to donors or, at their discretion, contributed to a charity of Michael’s choosing. All records of the Heart of Liberty Fund will be available for inspection upon request.

    People may also send checks or money orders to Free & Equal at 407 S Dearborn St, Suite 1170, Chicago IL 60605. Please be sure to specify that your donation is for the Heart of Liberty Fund.

    Free & Equal is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions to the Heart of Liberty Fund are tax deductible.

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