NY and CA Greens Challenge Governors

New York and California Greens have issued challenges to their respective governors.  In New York Alison Duncan calls out Governor David Paterson:

Alison Duncan, the Green Party of New York State’s 2006 candidate for Lieutenant Governor, has rated Governor David Paterson on 25 Green Party challenges for his second year in office. The challenges, which are listed below, were first issued to Eliot Spitzer after he was elected to office in 2006. They include bringing National Guard troops home from Iraq, marrying same-sex couples, promoting single-payer universal health care, investing in public schools, and converting to renewable energy.

Duncan stated that Paterson was handling the state budget crisis by going soft on corporate interests.

“The strongest difference between a Green and a Democratic governor is that the Democratic governor is beholden to corporate interests and the Green governor is beholden to the voters,” said Duncan. “Governor Paterson has proposed cuts in necessary public services, education, sustainable economic development, environmental initiatives, and health care to balance the budget. This social tax leaves corporate entities off the hook while neglecting the human capital integral to the health of the state. Paterson can do this because he considers himself the only game in town.”

On the west coast, the California Green Party has issued a sharp critique of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposed budget cuts:

Despite claiming “we all share the pain,” Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s budget proposal announced today again protects his wealthy friends and imposes cruel, draconian and life-threatening cuts on the poor, the elderly and children, said the Green Party of California Friday.

“The failure by the governor and legislature address the state’s ongoing structural deficit leads to these unacceptable cuts. There are answers, including reforms like a split roll for Prop. 13, closing corporate tax loopholes, a more progressive income tax and promoting real Green jobs to create a more sustainable and just economy,” Lisa Green, Green Party candidate in the 53rd Assembly District.

10 thoughts on “NY and CA Greens Challenge Governors

  1. d.eris

    At this point there don’t seem to be any declared third party or indy candidates for governor in NY, at least according to the Green Pages and Politics1.

  2. Kimberly Wilder

    As far as I know, there is no big “frontrunner candidate” for NY Governor. I think the NY greens still feel they are searching for a candidate.

    I think there are some people, such as Reverend Billy, who could have the nomination if they wanted.

    Time will tell…

  3. Peter M.


    I’ve been hearing some things indicating that Howie Hawkins is exploring a run for Governor of NY, so that’s one reasonably active potential candidate, at least. Have anyone else put forward their names?

  4. Kimberly Wilder

    Howie has run for some statewide office every time for the last zillion years. I sure hope it is not him. Largely from boredom…

    Anyway, I haven’t heard anyone really dive into it. I think the fall back position is one of the women insiders. Don’t want to say, because it is only a second-hand rumor and not my party.

    People seem to be positioning Alison Duncan. But, she was such an unsuccessful Lt. Gov candidate–didn’t understand to put focus on Gov candidate Malachy McCourt, had her campaign team interfering to bad effect with other campaigns, and overall failed in the mission to get the 50,000 votes– when she was on the top-of-the-ticket team last time. So, I hope no one will settle for her as Gov candidate.

    We shall see.

    (Also, above I said no front-runner candidate for Governor. I meant only for the greens, who I am in the flow with. Don’t know about the other third parties…)

  5. Kimberly Wilder

    P.S. I truly love being outside the party and having mostly given up hope on playing the game of party politics with the current incarnation of the GPNYS.

    When I was a candidate trying to run for one of the statewide office nominations, I felt like I had to hold my tongue entirely in the spirit of fair competition and campaign manners.

    Well, I didn’t say everything I wanted above, either. But, at least I can point out some problems.

    And, if the NY Green Party picks a bad or inadequate candidate, then I can just sit one out and have some (more) relaxation and free time…

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