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A group in Vermont has formed the Vermont Independence Day Party, which believes that Vermont should secede from the United States. It plans to place nominees on the 2010 ballot for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and 7 State Senate seats. See this AP story. Thanks to Carter Momberger for the link.

The group did not use the organization method to qualify itself for the 2010 ballot, and it is too late to do that. That method requires showing that the party has town committees in at least ten towns. But, the group is free to qualify the party by petition for each of its individual candidates. They may have their label, “Vermont Independence Party” on the ballot if they wish. The story erroneously says they will be labeled “independent”. The story is also wrong when it says this is the first pro-secession party in any state. The Alaskan Independence Party has been continuously on the ballot in Alaska starting in 1974, although it didn’t become a qualified party until 1983. The Alaskan Independence Party was formed to work for secession, although its activists no longer talk about that goal.

6 thoughts on “Pro-Secession Party Formed for Vermont

  1. Don Lake .......... be alert

    that one of our Citizens For A Better Veterans Home types despises both Time [and ‘Ports Illustrated] and Readers’ Digest ……..

    When given the choice, I have long picked up News Week or USNWR prior to Time ……….

  2. David Brouillette

    The Federal Government is corrupt beyond repair. If Vermont ever gains independence, I would like to apply for citizenship.

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