Australian Sex Party Update: Valentine Special; Sex Party Denies Involvement in Cyber Attacks

Email from the Australian Sex Party:

We love Valentine’s day – not the teddy bear laden, hallmark holiday that it has become, but the very sexy Valentines day it originally was. It started off in ancient Rome as a three day pagan fertility festival. Young men would strip naked and caress and spank the bottoms of willing women in order to improve fertility. A ritual that would certainly be refused classification by today’s government.

In the spirit of the true meaning of Valentines day we are asking you to help us share the love. We want you to forward the attached Sex Party membership form onto anyone you think may be interested in joining the party, or maybe join yourself. Help us spread the word about the party and raise awareness about the increasing amount of conservatism creeping into parliament.

We have five lover’s hampers to give away to the first five new members who sign up with our specially marked Valentines membership form. What a great way to prolong your valentine.

Lots of love,
The Australian Sex Party Team

Sex Party Denies Involvement in Cyber Attacks
Written by ASP Staff
Wednesday, 10 February 2010 23:57
The Australian Sex Party has denied any involvement in the recent cyber attacks on Parliament House and other government department web sites . The campaign, dubbed ‘Operation Titstorm’ by its creators, appeared to spring from a Sex Party media release last week that reported the banning of women with small breasts from adult magazines by Australian censorship authorities.
Party President Fiona Patten said that bringing logical perspectives to the area of internet censorship was not always easy but the Sex Party used political lobbying and rational arguments to win its wars. “Senator Conroy however uses unfair tactics by continuing to ban the Australian Sex Party website from within his own department” she said. “Despite letters of protest about the unconstitutional nature of such bans he refuses to budge. These bans have now spread to state government departments with the Victorian Dept of Infrastructure the latest government agency to ban access to the sex party’s site”.

She said that Senator Conroy’s actions clearly went against numerous High Court findings that there were implied rights to political free speech in the Australian Constitution. “One of the most important aspects of this political free speech must surely be the right of a registered political party to broadcast its policies and platform to the electorate free from interference”, she said. “Any government department that actively seeks to stop that broadcast would be in breach of federal discrimination law and we are looking at our legal options”.

Of almost greater concern is Senator Conroy’s statements in Senate Estimates this week that he admired Google’s role in blocking content in countries such as China and Thailand. “First he tells us that it is only Refused Classification (RC) material that will be blocked and only via a complaint driven scheme. Now he is discussing getting Google to block search requests for what might be considered RC material”, she said. “It is bad enough that material such as female ejaculation or sites featuring small breasts could be banned but to suggest that this could also be done via Google and other search engines, takes the filter to a new and dangerous level.”

The film depiction of Saddam Hussein’s execution, which the Eros Association had classified as Refused Classification, would be on Senator Conroy’s black list. It is currently available on Youtube and parts of it are also on CNN’s website. Will Conroy blacklist CNN?

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