Costa Rican Libertarians appear to have 10 of 57 seats in Legislature

From an article by Chrissie Long in the Tico Times linked by Ralph in comments on a previous post:

As of the latest tallies, National Liberation Party candidate Laura Chinchilla had 46.7 percent of the vote, Citizen Action Party candidate Ottón Solís had 25.1 and Libertarian Movement’s Otto Guevara had 20.9. The 57-seat Legislative Assembly was split with 23 going to the National Liberation Party, 11 to the Citizen Action Party, 10 to the Libertarian Movement, six to the Social Christian Unity Party, four to Accessibility Without Exclusion and one each going to the Broad Front Party, the Costa Rican Renovation Party and the National Restoration Party.

9 thoughts on “Costa Rican Libertarians appear to have 10 of 57 seats in Legislature

  1. Robert Capozzi

    very cool. I wonder, though, whether the plumbline abolitionists accept that the CR Ls are in fact Ls or are they merely “fellow travelers”?

  2. Eric Dondero

    While all of us Libertarians, especially those of us here at IPR often have great disagreements, even nasty at times, I think it’s safe to say that we can all agree, Otto and Movimiento Libertario have given us all a magnificent cause for celebration.

    Saludos! Saludos! Saludos!

  3. Tom Blanton

    It’s the same all over:

    “In 2005, a dispute erupted between pragmatists and radicals within the party that led to the ouster of the more radical members. Despite this setback, PML continued to track along a course of “pragmatic liberalism” that seeks to bridge the gap between ideology and practical political realities. Guevara said his party was now liberal and not libertarian.”

    However, Costa Rica probably wouldn’t satisfy the lust for war of the pro-war neolibertarians since Costa Rica is not much of a militarized warfare state.

    I have been told by people who have been there, including my son, that it is a pretty nice place to visit.

    The wikipedia entry lists some of the party’s issues. Seems kind of like a mixed bag, but at least it doesn’t sound like a list of Glenn Beck talking points.

  4. Danny S

    I have a friend who was kidnapped and held for ransom back when she lived in Costa Rica.

    Nevertheless, I really like what the ML is doing in Costa Rica. I think they have found a nice balance in their country, except for the get-tough-on-crime position that I am a bit wary of but haven’t investigated fully.

    Did Guevera end up taking third in the contest? That is a bit depressing if so, because he had been on track for second. Still, they are continuing to gain ground, which is really good.

  5. Ben

    The ML now calls itself “liberal”. By this they probably mean classical liberal, but it’s strange to see that the ML is a part of the same int’l liberal group as the Liberal Party of Great Britain.

    The ML actually won 6 seats in 2002 as more of a hardcore Libertarian Party (before they purged the radicals).

    Tom: Costa Rica doesn’t have a military!

  6. Tom Blanton

    Costa Rica doesn’t have a military!

    Exactly. And isn’t it a miracle that al Qaida hasn’t taken over Costa Rica to use for a giant jihadi training camp from which they could impose Sharia law on the whole world in a global caliphate?

    I haven’t even heard anything about Chavez or Castro attacking Costa Rica to impose Marxism there. Even Saddam didn’t try to take over Costa Rica when he had the chance.

    Maybe our Homeland Security people need to go to Costa Rica and learn how they manage to remain free with no military to fight for their freedom.

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