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Counterpunch Column Advising Progressive Democrats to “Go Green”

Headline and tip from Ballot Access News.

(excerpt from) Counterpunch
Full story: here
Welcome to Clinton’s Third Term
Don’t Mourn, Go Green

By Don Santina

For quite awhile now, the political streams have been flooded with the ever increasing wail of the progressive Democrats. The weeping and gnashing of teeth by peace and justice groups, unions, focus groups, Democratic Party blogs and liberal/left journals has become deafening: What happened, why didn’t we get what we voted for on November 4, 2008?

These progressive Democrats organized, campaigned and voted for a progressive agenda and go–drum roll–nothing. That’s right, nothing. For the past year, their party has controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency. For three years, their party has enjoyed majority power in the House. What the progressive Democrats got out of all that: absolutely nothing.

They voted for peace, and they got war–expanded into Pakistan and Yemen with escalation in Afghanistan and continuing occupation in Iraq…

In all their caterwauling about this deteriorating situation, do the progressive Democrats have any suggestions for turning these policies 180 degrees around? Yes, they do! Send an email. Sign an online petition. Write a letter to your representative in Congress. Tell your neighbors how unhappy you are. Wow, with this kind of muscle, the new dawn will soon be breaking!…

On the rank and file level, what if all the progressive Democrat voters registered Green Party tomorrow?…

First of all, the Green party authentically represents the values the progressive Democrats ostensibly espouse–peace, justice, small d democracy–so it’s not as if these stranded Democrats would have some kind of political heart attack over changing registration…

And for those Democrats who resentfully cling to the fiction that Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader somehow cost Al Gore the 2000 election in Florida, they should ask the man who invented the Internet why he conceded so quickly in the face of an orchestrated voter fraud of massive proportion which involved the systematic disenfranchisement of the black vote in that state…

About the author:

Don Santina is a cultural historian who received a Superior Scribing award for his Counterpunch article “Reparations for the Blues.” He can be reached at


  1. Bonieth Bonieth February 26, 2010

    I like it! But aren’t most Greens closet Democrats anyway?

  2. The Last Conservative The Last Conservative February 27, 2010

    As the great political scientist John Gastel said today, “Knock yourself out, third party losers.” Take the one ring and act like it’s the troll’s finger.

  3. Straight .......... Straight .......... February 27, 2010

    from John W. GASTIL [Don Lake: as a West Coaster working on a large university in California, I’ve heard of the guy, but only as a minor, uninspiring light in the international market place of ideas. (NBD: No Big Deal!) ]

    John Gastil is a Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Washington, where he specializes in political deliberation and group decision making. Prior to joining the University of Washington in 1998, Gastil received his communication Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1994 and worked for three years at the University of New Mexico Institute for Public Policy.

    In 1993, Gastil published Democracy in Small Groups (New Society Publishers) ……….

  4. Green Party fan Green Party fan February 28, 2010

    The Green Party continues to recruit more candidates in 2010..

    Word on the street is the Green Party wants to put 450 Green Party candidates on the ballot in 2010 for Single Payer Health Care,
    Nationwide High Speed Rail,
    Immediate withdrawal from Iraq, Afghangistan…

  5. Green Party fan Green Party fan February 28, 2010

    Brock Merck
    Green Party Candidate in Cook County, Illinois

    is taking the good advice of Santina, and others by running a positive solutions based campaign.

    Go Brock!

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