First Steps Taken to Place Connecticut Tea Party on the Ballot

Ballot Access News:

Dan Gaita of Bethel, Connecticut, has filed paperwork with the Connecticut Secretary of State to use the ballot label “Connecticut Tea Party” for his group. Connecticut has “name protection” for unqualified parties. When a new party organizes in Connecticut, it is free to register its name with the Secretary of State. Then, only candidates associated with that organization can use that label on their petitions and on the November ballot.

No one has yet completed any petitions with “Connecticut Tea Party” as the party label, but presumably some candidates associated with Gaita will now begin petitioning. See this story. Thanks to Bill Van Allen for the link.

5 thoughts on “First Steps Taken to Place Connecticut Tea Party on the Ballot

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  3. sandy marek

    I would like to find out how to attend future tea party conventions in Ct. Maybe have one in Fairfield County area so local residents could attend and be a part of it. I have many issues I would like to bring up and find someone who would listen. Contact me at

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