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Green Party congratulates GP Prez cand Cynthia McKinney on ‘Peace through Conscience’ award

Thank you to Ian Wilder of onthewilderside for this post.

Cynthia McKinney

The Green Party of the United States congratulated former US Representative Cynthia McKinney after an announcement that she will receive the ‘Peace through Conscience’ award from the Munich American Peace Committee (MAPC / Ms. McKinney was the Green Party’s 2008 nominee for President of the United States.

Cynthia McKinney said:

I am humbled to be so recognized. Clearly, the MAPC gave more thought to the significance of those whose struggle for peace is based on principle and an unshakable commitment, despite the personal sacrifices required, than did the Nobel Peace Committee that rewarded our President for war.

Commenting on the decision to grant President Obama the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, Ms. McKinney said,

In this way of thinking, peace is now war, lies are now truth, and ignorance is strength.

In a presentation at the 8. Internationale Muenchner Friedenskonferenz (Eighth Munich International Peace Conference), Ms. McKinney will discuss chances for a civil and nonviolent US foreign policy, the need to end the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, US policies regarding Colombia and its neighbours, and efforts toward a nuclear-free world. She will pose the question

What should governments and the politicians at the Security Conference do to promote peace and justice?

Ms. McKinney has been invited to participate in an International Peace Conference scheduled to take place in Munich, Germany, from February 6 to 7, coinciding with the Munich Security Conference, which will address NATO strategy towards Afghanistan, including President Obama’s planned troop escalation. A long-time proponent of abolishing NATO, Ms. McKinney is scheduled to speak on February 6 at a rally in protest of the NATO conference. After the rally, she will participate in the conference.

MAPC will present the award to Cynthia McKinney during ceremonies of the Munich Peace Conference on the evening of February 6, 2010. The MAPC Peace Prize is normally awarded by the previous year’s winner. In Ms. McKinney’s case, the award will be presented by André Shepherd, a US Army Specialist who applied for asylum in Germany after objecting to the wars in Iraq.

Ms. McKinney has urged Americans across Germany to gather in Munich and protest US and NATO war policies, noting that Germany has sent its own troops to Afghanistan. She will meet with American expatriates while in Munich.

“We are very proud of Cynthia McKinney’s work for peace and human rights in the US and internationally,” said Dr. Justine McCabe, co-chair of the Green Party’s International Committee ( “Ms. McKinney has led the demand for withdrawal of US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and strongly criticized President Obama’s announcement of a troop surge in Afghanistan. She has challenged NATO’s global expansion of military operations and demanded its abolition. Last June, after President Obama urged humanitarian aid for people in Gaza, Ms. McKinney and other Free Gaza activists tried to deliver medical and construction supplies and other relief. They were illegally intercepted by the Israeli navy in international waters and jailed, while the White House remained silent. Unlike our President, Cynthia McKinney deserves a peace prize.”


  1. Dennis Dennis February 7, 2010

    I obviously don’t think the government makes decisions openly…as my website, articles, and overall political activism assure.

    But the Greens have proven, through McKinney and David Cobb, they practice the same rituals they condemn. McKinney does more harm to the Greens than good.

    The following articles explain my feelings pretty well:

  2. Kimberly Wilder Kimberly Wilder February 6, 2010

    To Green Party Fan,

    Thanks for enjoying my news.

    About Robert’s Rules of Order:

    Robert’s Rules of Order have many benefits. They come out of hundreds of years of parliamentary culture, with some aspects of democracy mixed in. And, they are a great place to set “common law” when new people and people from various backgrounds get together.

    Though, Robert’s Rules came out of a patriarchal/heirarchal culture. They are not very friendly to minority positions. They give a lot of power to “the chair”. And, they are missing many lessons of consensus and group process learned by modern day progressives.

    When a group uses Robert’s Rules, people who have been successful in this dominant culture have an upper hand. So, people who are lawyers, people with higher education, people who have been invited into leadership circles, they all have an advantage over young people, people from low-socioeconomic groups, people of diversity who have not been given chances such as working on community or non-profit boards in the past. When we adopt Robert’s Rules, we are giving the culture of power an advantage again inside our own organization.

    Greens struggle with this all the time when trying to formulate meeting rules.

    Here is what my response/suggestion has been in the past:

    If you do not have a set of “core rules”, the bullies have more power in some way anyway. So, what often works is to do what the GPNYS had done for a long time…Make your by-laws say that Robert’s Rules if the fallback position when consensus process fails. Or, something like “Robert’s Rules will be the policy or rule applied where our own rules do not speak to an issue or process.”

    Some greens also do something like give a regular time for all proposals, or set the time at the beginning of a discussion, and if there is not a consensus decision by the end, you start over again with Robert’s Rules or a called vote.

  3. Kimberly Wilder Kimberly Wilder February 6, 2010

    Whenever anyone says “conspiracy theory” in a derogatory manner, I always see it as that person trying to convince me that every government decision I see was made fairly and transparently, with no backroom deals, or consideration of power and money.

    What government decision IS NOT a conspiracy?

    So, guess Dennis and I disagree a lot.

    In addition, have to pull out the old Gandhi quote (Sorry for old friends who have heard me say it before, but Gandhi was just a little wise):

    First, they ignore you.
    Then, they mock you.
    Then, they attack you.
    Then, you win.

  4. Green Party fan Green Party fan February 5, 2010

    This is good Green Party news. Thanks.

    Glad to see and read this.

    Here’s another interesting Green Party story out of Minn… “..the Green Party caucus, held at the Lincoln Community Center…The caucus, run with a relatively rigid adherence to Robert’s Rules of Order”

    adherence to ROBERT’S Rules of Order…

    Would like to see all state Green Parties run by Robert’s Rules of Order…

    Here’s story..

  5. Dennis Dennis February 5, 2010

    If Cynthia McKinney is so wonderful, why did she do so poorly in the 2008 election? Color is irrelevant, whether it is Nader (Lebanese) or McKinney (black), it is the MESSAGE that counts, and McKinney’s message is…well, not for the masses.
    Her conspiracy theories, odd history (hitting a cop) and her zany personality. Well, not for the majority of voters. Maybe that’s why most Greens probably voted for Nader anyway?
    Also, I think that CRACKED.COM spoke for me when they listed her as “one of the craziest people ever to run for president.”

  6. Kimberly Wilder Kimberly Wilder February 5, 2010

    Dear Dennis,

    Are you saying that an old man who studies consumer rights and lectures around the country is cooler than an energetic, wise, black woman who was a Congressperson until she shouted truth to power?

    Guess we see things differently.

    I respect Nader and McKinney, each in their own right. Neither is perfect. But, both have done a lot to teach Americans about government and the duopoly. And, they are both kind of cool….

    But, Cynthia rocks.

  7. Dennis Dennis February 5, 2010

    The Green Party used to be cool…then McKinney came along.

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