ME: Independent Candidate for Governor Touts Renewable Energy Plan

Independent candidate for governor in Maine, Eliot Cutler, recently attended the activation ceremony of the largest solar energy system in the state.  From a campaign press release:

Independent candidate for Governor Eliot Cutler today attended a celebration of the activation of the largest utility interfaced solar energy system in Maine. The new system, installed at the George R. Roberts Company in Alfred, includes more than 600 solar panels and is two and a-half times larger than any system previously installed in Maine.

Cutler used the occasion to tout his three-point plan to make Maine a more affordable place to live and do business by lowering the cost of electricity, along with lowering the cost of health care and government.

“Lowering electricity costs is one the big levers we can use to create jobs and attract investment in Maine,” Cutler said. “One of Maine’s competitive advantages is our abundant sources of renewable energy. We have great opportunities for solar energy, as well as wind, tidal and biomass. As a state, we should be doing all we can to encourage new sources of lower cost electricity that can be put to work here in Maine.”

Cutler praised the joint venture between the Roberts company and Solar Market/Sun Gen, the company that installed the system. “I am excited that these two companies are on the cutting edge of innovative energy partnerships in Maine, and I’m sure many others will be watching and learning from this project,” he said.

The Independent candidate and former White House energy chief also has called for the creation of a Maine Power Authority, which would use low-cost capital to partner with energy entrepreneurs to develop new power projects around the state. More information about Cutler and his plans for Maine can be found at

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