Socialist Party USA People of Color Commission Statement on Black History Month

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by Socialist Party USA POCC

February is Black History Month. It’s a time when our public institutions, and corporations give a little extra attention to the accomplishments and contributions to the story of the Americas made by Black Americans. Established by Carter G Woodson in 1926, it’s purpose was to promote the contributions made by Black Americans in an effort to undo the contention that Black people have no history, and have made no significant contributions to the history of the Americas.

Since 1926 this project has come along way. What started as a one week remembrance of Black American accomplishments has become an entire month. As a child Black History Month began and ended with the ring of the school bell. By the mid 90’s McDonalds (if only on BET) began crafting ads for fast food to coincide with the month of February. If we weren’t yet recognized as key players in the American experience, our spending power certainly was. As with all things in our country whatever can be turned into a commodity will be turned into a commodity.

The Socialist Party USA is pleased to recognize and celebrate February as Black History month. As socialists we recognize the central role in American, and global history that African peoples occupy. You cannot address the history of religion, science, art, or the study of history itself without beginning with the story of the African. For socialists it is also important to move the stories of Black people out of it’s box in February and into the larger narrative of American History in order to reconstruct a story of the Americas as seen and experienced from the people on the bottom.

There can be no legitimate account of American history that distinguishes between it’s peoples contributions based on the color of their skin.

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4 thoughts on “Socialist Party USA People of Color Commission Statement on Black History Month

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  2. Third Party Revolution

    Jesus, I am really tired of all these people who claim that socialism, communism, and progressivism are the all-time evils of the world. They are not bad at all, as a matter of fact a lot of countries are controlled by socialists and they are doing pretty good. Of course I’m not a socialist, but I am open minded to a certain extent.

  3. Philip Hayes

    To answer the question as to whether pure socialism can work requires one to define the word “work”. The key is economic calculation. As it is, prices are used in the market economy to determine what needs to be produced and in what quantity and of what quality. The consumers bid up, or down the prices, and when the profit of a good or services gets high, more entrepreneurs enter into that vocation to compete and drive costs back down. when prices can not garner customers at even the lowest prices, it is a signal to the restaurant owner or businessman that his efforts could be better expended somewhere else, and he closes his shop.

    Under socialism however there is only one will. The desires of the planners. It works to the extent that things are still produced. but there is no way for socialism to calculate how much of and what things should be produced, and more importantly how. because there is no method of calculation, a socialist economy might decide to build homes out of marble, or use a less efficient form of purifying water. We are not only talking about having an overabundance of ketchup and a shortage of mustard, we are talking about having to many rims and not enough tires. but even more than that we are talking about the misallocation of scarce resources and an unnecessarily high cost on our environment.

    The fact is there there aren’t many truly socialist countries in the world, though most are interventionists. those that are socialist are still able to calculate in a degree by copying the calculations and evaluations of the countries that are still capitalists.

    There needs to be vast reform in our economic system. The most significant being the abolition of the Federal Reserve (FED) and the Fractional Reserve Banking system (FRB) both of which distort the interest rates and seriously hamper the entrepreneurs’ ability to make calculations regarding their investments, which lead to malinvestments and a boom, and then a subsequent bust, or recession as the one we are in now. I believe you can read it online at just do a search under literature.

    and if you would like to discuss it further, please write to me at

    If you are truly interested in learning about socialism as an economic system, I would recommend “Socialism” by Ludwig von Mises.

    Tu Ne Cede Malis

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