2010 Libertarian conventions around the country

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Below is a schedule of Libertarian national and state conventions occurring in 2010 (including some that have already taken place). Click on the links to get more information.

Friday, February 12 – Sunday, February 14
LP California Convention

Saturday, February 20
LP Nevada State Convention

Friday, February 26 – Sunday, February 28
LP Kentucky State Convention

Saturday, March 6

LP Delaware State Convention
LP Missouri State Convention
LP Virginia State Convention

Saturday, March 13
LP Maryland State Convention
LP New Jersey State Convention

Thursday, March 18 – Sunday, March 21
New Hampshire Liberty Forum

Saturday, March 20

LP Colorado State Convention

Saturday, March 27
LP Pennsylvania State Convention
LP Tennessee State Convention

Saturday, April 3
LP North Dakota State Convention

Friday, April 9 – Sunday, April 11
LP North Carolina State Convention
LP Ohio State Convention

Saturday, April 10
LP Mississippi State Convention
LP Oklahoma State Convention
LP Wisconsin State Convention

Saturday, April 17
LP Maine State Convention
LP New Mexico State Convention
LP South Carolina State Convention

Friday, April 23 – Sunday, April 25

LP Indiana State Convention

Saturday, April 24
LP Georgia State Convention
LP Iowa State Convention
LP Minnesota State Convention
LP New York State Convention
LP Utah State Convention
LP Vermont State Convention
LP Wyoming State Convention

Saturday, April 24 – Sunday, April 25
LP Florida State Convention
LP Washington State Convention

Saturday, May 22
LP Michigan State Convention

Friday, May 28 – Monday, May 31
Libertarian Party 2010 National Convention

Friday, June 11 – Sunday, June 13
LP Texas State Convention

Saturday, June 26
LP Idaho State Convention

Friday, September 10 – Sunday, September 12
LP Illinois State Convention

9 thoughts on “2010 Libertarian conventions around the country

  1. Northern Exposure

    Doesn’t the MTLP have conventions anymore, or were they dispensed with as too threatening to the Loser Party Old Guard in Missoula? How long has it been? 10 years or more?

  2. Stewart Flood

    Not all state parties have selected their convention date for this year. The list will certainly be evolving as time passes.

    A few parties will be holding their convention after the national convention (for example Texas, which is required by law to hold it on a specific Saturday in June).

  3. Reply to LP Observer ..........

    From Mar 14, 2010:

    What is [BigL-libs]?

    “Official Libertarian Party members whom do not seem to have a good idea of liberty. They do not even talk the talk, say like pro interventionist [Bruce] Wayne Root ……… ”

    Where does it exist?

    “All over the place, unfortunately!”

    Who are its members?

    “Bruce ‘Israel First’ Cohen, Edward Tesseiler (spelling), Richard ‘Mister Sandy Ego Libertarian’ Rider, ‘Bruce’ Wayne ‘Israel First’ Wayne, Doctor George ‘Solo Peace Nik’ Phillies, among others …………’ including lots in California and Sandy Ego County …………..

    How does one become a member?

    ‘Do not know, do not wanna know, what an on going ‘anti recruiting’ tool ……….’

    Don Lake, Liberty streaks in my personality, but no registration card!

  4. Thomas L. Knapp


    You write:

    “Big Libs are all over the place, making sure that the movement does not grow and the party does not win”




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