American Conservative Party: ‘Virginia Attorney General doing what he promised’

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Written by Butch Porter

In case anyone wasn’t clear exactly why the Virginia Conservative Party only endorsed ONE candidate in the Statewide elections in November of 2009, this should help clear it up:

“Although ideologically in line with McDonnell, who was also elected in November and supports Cuccinelli’s lawsuit to stop the health-care law, Cuccinelli and his confrontational style could complicate the governor’s efforts to rebrand the GOP as inclusive and pragmatic.

“Cuccinelli did not alert McDonnell’s office before sending his letter on nondiscrimination policies to colleges and universities, leaving officials to learn of it through a media inquiry. Although McDonnell agreed with Cuccinelli’s legal reasoning, protests that followed were a distraction while McDonnell was trying to help legislators adopt a budget and conclude the first legislative session of his term.

“‘This back-of-the-hand, gratuitous, finger-in-your-eye, hand-on-the-chest stuff — people don’t feel good about it,’ said a senior Republican strategist in Richmond, who spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid creating a rift in the party. ‘It’s not how you build a broad-based coalition.'”

(2009 Photo By Steve Helber/associated Press)

Somehow, the “Republican strategist” interpretation of fulfilling a campaign promise of standing up for the Constitution and protecting the people of the Commonwealth from an overarching and tyrannical Federal Government is “back-of-the-hand” and “gratuitous.” A Conservative Governor, even with an “R” by his name, that has earned the endorsement of the VCP, would be on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC defending his Attorney General as doing the right thing. We hate to proven right, in this circumstance, because it gives the media the ability to make this about a personality instead of about the Commonwealth’s sovereignty.

But we were right to support the person who is willing to not only follow the law of his own State, but to stand up and back it up with conviction. We’re still waiting on our Governor to do what HE promised: fight to uphold the laws of the United States and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Sic Semper Tyrannus

5 thoughts on “American Conservative Party: ‘Virginia Attorney General doing what he promised’

  1. Green Party fan

    There is no such thing…

    It’s a fake made up party…

    That ran no candidates…

    Meanwhile the Green Party and the Independent Green Parties in Virginia ran and endorsed some 27 Independents or Independent Green Party, or Green Party candidates for state legislature in 2009..

    The Constitution Party of Virginia had 3 candidates on the ballot for House of delegates all endorsed by the Independent Greens..

    The so call conservative party in VA is an internet fiction…

    The real conservatives are the Independent Greens and the Constitution Parties..

  2. Butch Porter

    I’m not really sure why you wish to be so combative, but I’ll only mention this:

    The VCP was formed less than a year ago, even though the ACP has been around more than two years. We didn’t really have our stuff together enough to run or even endorse a lot of candidates in 2009, but to say we’re an “internet fiction” is just disingenuous.

    Although I really appreciate your concern for our well-being and activity.

    And please explain to me what makes pushing to have taxpayer-supported trains all over Virginia “Conservative.”

    Butch Against Rail.

  3. Robert Jeffery

    This was published in the Fairfax County Times: This is in response to a critical, local issue concerning our school system and decisions that may have to be made by the Fairfax County School Board. Further, the ACP and by extension the VCP are trying to being conservative ideals to America “one county at a time.” This means that we may not run a country wide (Federal) or even state wide candidate for many years. We do have candidates on the ballot in VA 5th: Also a candidate in Georgia GA 9th :

    And again, please explain what makes the Indipendent Green party’s single plank, pushing to have taxpayer-supported trains all over Virginia, “Conservative.”

    Robert Jeffery
    Communications Director
    Virginia Conservative Party

  4. Butch Porter

    OH, and by the way, one of our members mentioned to me that it look like (from the paragraphs that I highlighted) we’re adamantly supporting Cuccinelli’s letter to Colleges and Universities. We don’t have a position on that really at all, and some of our members are against it.

    The focus of the Post article (at least we assume having read the whole article) is the HEALTH CARE bill and the lawsuit against the Federal Government.

    There is nothing (as our member pointed out) about the University letter regarding discrimination which “protects us from Federal tyranny.” That reference was to the Healthcare lawsuit.

    The post is changing the subject and probably got a strategist to talk about the University letter to make it look like he was talking about the Healthcare lawsuit…very clever.

    The point still remains, the intent of the “strategist”‘s comments notwithstanding, that we’re excessively disappointed with a Governor’s silence on Cuccinelli’s suit with the Federal Government and would expect his keeping his campaign promises by helping the AG fight for our 9th and 10th Amendment rights.

  5. Oh puleeeeeeeeeeze .......... Lake

    please explain to me what makes pushing to have taxpayer-supported trains all over Virginia “Conservative.” ———- Butch Against Rail.

    [a] agreed

    [b] even private rail is labor intensive and difficult to relocate when cargo and passenger routes evolve and modify!

    [c] the fake greens do not follow up on leads with other rail entities. All talk, no go!

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