Election nixes IRV for Burlington, sets back Progressive Party

Although official results are not available yet, it is expected that in Tuesday’s election in Burlington, Vermont, city voters got rid of the instant runoff voting system they had been using since 2006 and voted one Progressive Party politician out of office.  The Progressive Party has two seats on the city council, as do two independents.  There are three Republicans and seven Democrats, as well.

From the Burlington Free Press:

Turnout was about 23 percent of the 33,218 registered voters.

City Council President Bill Keogh, a Democrat who won re-election to an eighth term by defeating Progressive Abigail Russell, 778-509, said the election results provide a “veto-proof” council to deal with Burlington Telecom and pension-fund issues in the months ahead.

“I think the way the election has come out means the City Council will have to provide the direction for Burlington Telecom over the near future,” Keogh said.

Two Democrats, incumbent David Berezniak and newcomer Bram Kranichfeld, narrowly defeated Progressives in two Ward 2 contests. Kranichfeld prevailed over Maxwell Tracy by 13 votes; Berezniak edged Jonathan Leavitt by just 10 votes.

Kranichfeld will complete the one-year remaining in the term of Progressive Emma Mulvaney-Stanak. She resigned her seat when she moved to Ward 3 in December. She ran unopposed there and won the seat currently held by Progressive Clarence Davis, who decided not to run for re-election.

In Ward 4, former City Council President Kurt Wright, a Republican, won an unexpectedly easy victory over incumbent Democrat Russ Ellis, 1,087 to 717. During the campaign, Wright told voters Ellis had been overly accommodating to Mayor Bob Kiss in the handling of Burlington Telecom issues. Ellis also strongly supported retaining instant-runoff voting in mayoral elections. That issue lost in Ward 4 by nearly 2-to-1, 1,203-606.

14 thoughts on “Election nixes IRV for Burlington, sets back Progressive Party

  1. Robert Milnes

    Hijack! ok, let’s review. In 2008, Ron Paul gets 35 million in campaign contributions. Tom K., Prof. Phillies & I manage to figure out his true politics as NOT A LIBERTARIAN. Rather a dixiecrat conservative, theocratic constitutional nationalist. Few others manage that or speak out in agreement. Recently paulie c. states he supported Ron Paul & still does. So we see his error in this area. He also disses me and the PLAS/FET working hypothesis with lots of lols. Another error.

  2. Robert Milnes

    cont. I have to submit quickly because my 3G cuts out. I’m going to take my rig to ATT to try to get straightened out. Meantime…So now I have proposed PLAS/FET for at least a fair try. Tom & paulie have both come out negative. I really haven’t heard George’s opinion about it. & I have received very little campaign help. No donations. Evidently the offer to host my campaign website has been followed through on. I haven’t been charged on my credit card for a few months & it is still up. But come on people-NO donations? When I have described my financial problems? Then I get criticized for not campaigning much. Send me 35 million I could win the 2012 election! Send me $0 & don’t expect much. I don’t have a mortgage to equity loan on like Gary Nolan. I was cheated out of that real estate transaction. I don’t have a good job & savings like George to put much into my own campaign.

  3. Robert Milnes

    So, despite Tom’s & paulie’s negativity, I would like for any supporters of mine to speak up. Here at IPR, via the LP & with donations. Tom is wrong like paulie to be so negative about PLAS/FET. I have corresponded with Tom for years & usually we pretty much agree. But not on this. & I think the Strategy should be given a fair try. This year. If it works, we can be set up for 2012. If not no harm done because all the loser candidates are going to try & lose again anyway. So, supporters, SPEAK UP!

  4. Milnes supporter

    I support you. However, I have a lot of financial problems too, but I will try to donate soon. I am a friend of Catholic Trotskyist, and he also is supporting you more and more now, but he is out of the country on a mission.

    But what exactly is the FET? I know you’ve talked about the PLAS a lot and I understand that, but you haven’t explained the FET.

  5. Milnes supporter

    And the decision on Burlington was wrong. Welcome to the Crazy Losers club.

  6. Robert Milnes

    Even that is not enough. e.g. Nader. He had Independent ticket. Enough ballot access. He did NOT have a fusion ticket with Gonzales. He also needed a full downticket slate. Voters realize that even if an Independent would win, he would face a dem/rep Congress & judiciary. In the case of the Independent progressive/libertarian ticket, it would have a full or nearly full downticket slate by either a progressive or lib. on every ballot.

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