Green Party Congressional candidate tells Gas Company: Go Frack Yourself

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Congressional candidate turns down money to avoid gas drilling

Long time Green Party member Hank Bardel is running for congress in New York’s 13th Congressional District. Hank owns acreage in eastern Pennsyvania which is over the Marcellus Shale formation. Recently Hank was offered over $264,000 with 21% royalties to allow companies to drill there and he turned them down.

I’m very worried about keeping the ground water, where I own the property, very clean. We have a lot of dairy farms in the area and I would like to see them and the people who live in the area to continue to get good clean water. Until the oil and gas companies can prove to me scientifically that the fracturing process will not leave harmful chemicals behind, I cannot in good conscience allow the drilling to start.

Many New Yorkers are very concerned about the the New York City water supply, especially since a lot of its water comes from water sheds that sit over the Marcellus Shale. I think many gas and oil companies would like to drill in near those areas.

Hank Bardel previously ran in 2002 for congress in NY’s 13th Congressional District, and is seeking the Green Party line again this year. The 13th CD includes all of Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn like Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Fort Hamilton, Dyker Heights and Gravesend. His website.

7 thoughts on “Green Party Congressional candidate tells Gas Company: Go Frack Yourself

  1. Green Party fan

    Funny Green Party headline..

    Thank you for the chuckle.

    Green Party member Hank Bardel is running for congress in New York’s 13th Congressional District….

    Hank Bardel thank you for the good common sense to get on the ballot as a Green Party candidate to offer voters a positive Green Party choice.

    Vote Hank!

  2. Nexus

    Nothing quite like using good old fashion private property rights to make an enviormental statement is there?

  3. Green Party fan

    Hank’s story


    I was born in Manhattan and moved to Staten Island with my parents when I was about two years old. I graduated PS 41, New Dorp High School and in 1975 I received an Associate in Applied Science in Business Administration from Staten Island Community College.

    I worked for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation from 1962 to 1996 for a total of 34 years. I rose through the ranks to the position of supervisor. During those years I worked in parks in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island including Cental Park, Battery Park, Prospect Park, Clove Lakes Park and Silver Lake Park. During my employment with the NYC Department of Parks and recreation I received training in managment and horticulture.

    I retired from the Department of Parks and Recreation in November of 1996. During that year I became involved with and joined the Green Party of New York State. I became involved with and worked on the 1996 Ralph Nader for President Campaign.

    In 1997 I ran for the 51st New York City Council District here on Staten Island with the Green Party. In 1998 the Green Party of New York State became a ballot status party when Al Lewis, Green Party candidate for governor, received over 50,000 votes. In 1999 I became Chair of the the Richmond County Green Party Organization.

    In 2000 I ran for State Senate against John Marchi with the backing of the Green Party, the Liberal Party and the Working Families Party. In 2001 I ran for Council again against Andrew Lanza, and in 2002 I ran against Vito Fossella for US Congress.

    The Green Party and I are running on a progressive agenda of helping the poor and the middle class gain democratic control of society so that we can equitably distribute the weath that is being produced, and to stop the plutocracies of this nation and world from exploiting Earth’s resources anymore than they already have. With this in mind, I would like to stress the followig issues in my campaign: attainment of lasting peace, a single payer health care system, a clean and healthy environment, billions more for education and more jobs and a heathy economy. I know it can be done and we can do it.

    Hank Bardel

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