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Greens gain in Colombia and France

In recent elections, international Green Parties have had election victories in Colombia and in regional elections in France.

Posted to the social network by a Green in Colombia (h/t to Green Party Watch):

Colombian congress has 268 seats; 100 seats for the senate and 168 seats for the equivalent of the house of representatives. As far as I know Colombian green party only had one senate seat and no seats at all in the house. But that is going to change next July because after the elections our number of seats in the senate went from 1 to 4 and in the house from 0 to 2 which is still low when compared to the big parties but things are getting better.

A Colombian commentator wrote after the elections:

3. The Greens, the new hope

The Green Party primary could reach 1.5 million votes. It would exceed the Liberal Party primary, which received one million votes, it would triple the Polo Democrático Alternativo primary, and it would amount to more or less half the Conservative primary. An impressive vote, considering the small size of their political machinery, represented by some candidates from the old party Opción Centro. This vote came mostly from voters without party affiliation.

In the most likely scenario, four of their candidates enter the senate, maybe five: Gilma Jiménez (with the most votes), ex-governor of Boyacá Jorge Eduardo Londoño, Félix José Valera, John Sudarsky and Wilfrido Uzuriaga are in. And in the house, at least two enter: Alfonso Prada and Angela María Robledo.

“Every historic moment has a candidate that simbolizes necessity,” explains analyst Héctor Riveros, who supports the Greens. “[Green Party presidential candidate Antanas] Mockus could simbolize the reaction against moral laxity, against parapolítica, against the ‘chuzadas,’[3] against the ‘vote before you go to jail,’[4] against ‘le doy en la cara, marica.’”[5]

Whether or not the campaign defines itself in relation to the theme of public morality, Mockus takes off on March 16 with an impetus he didn’t have before. People who once believed that supporting him meant throwing away their vote might think twice now. The Greens snatched the Polo’s most progressive sector and Mockus transformed into a real alternative for those who want a truly new direction for the country, grounded by a new system of values.

In France, Socialists and Greens won big in regional elections, with the Socialists getting the most votes and the Greens coming in third behind President Nicholas Sarkozy’s party.  In a close fourth was a modern fascist party.

According to the initial estimation, the Socialist Party is running ahead of the UMP by nearly 3.5 points, and the Green Party is posting at the third position with 13.1 percent of votes, while 11.2 percent are for the far-right party National Front…

The left-wing bloc is estimated to win 53.8 percent of votes, compared to 40.4 percent for the right-wing parties, according to exit polls.

Millions of voters in 26 French regions went to polls for the first round of the regional elections. They will choose along the party lines, which means choosing the president of the party heading the name list is recognition of the whole team.


  1. Green Party fan Green Party fan March 22, 2010

    One line in Dany’s Green Party interview jumps off the screen.

    “We need a new Green Party – a new organizational form that doesn’t waste half it’s energy on internal struggles…but keeps focus on issues, solutions…”

  2. Green Party fan Green Party fan March 22, 2010

    France’s Green Party leader, the colorful, funny, clever, quick witted, silver tongued- Dany Cohn-Bendit on..

    on the their spectacular Green Party electoral success

    Dany says the key to the Green Party success has been expansion, inclusion, opening the Green Party to new Green Party candidates moderates, conservative Greens, Independents, as well as the diverse group of Green progressive, and centrists…
    Tonight in die Tagezeitung

    Cohn-Bendit über Frankreichs Grüne
    “Bisher nur Dritte Liga”
    Die französischen Grünen müssen sich öffnen und eine neue Organisationsform finden, sagt Europaabgeordneter Daniel Cohn-Bendit. Die deutsche Schwester taugt als Vorbild nicht.

  3. Green Party fan Green Party fan March 22, 2010

    Petra Kelly’s friend, Green Party Senator Bob Brown…

    The leader of Australia’s Green Party, Bob Brown, has announced he is backing an international campaign to free Peter Bethune.

    The New Zealand anti-whaling activist is being held in Japan after being detained when he boarded a Japanese whaling ship in the Southern Ocean to serve a citizen’s arrest warrant on the captain.

  4. Green Party fan Green Party fan March 22, 2010

    Green Party Watch has another good post on Green Party success in Columbia..

    We also chose our presidential candidate Antanas Mockus, former mayor of Bogotá who successfully decreased the homicide rate in the city to 18 murders per 100.000 inhabitants. We hope he reaches the presidency, or at least gets enough votes to show the country and the world that we are a new option for the people concerned about the environment, education and corruption.

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