Jason Beaver interviews Illinois Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Lex Green

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I want to start out by saying Mr. Green has been very gracious to be the first to answer my questions. He even did so even after seeing my exceedingly liberal Facebook page and I accidently wrote to him as Mr. Whitney (the Green Party Gubernatorial candidate).

I learned a lot about this great Libertarian candidate in my reasearch of him and after hearing his answers found that while we do disagree on a few issues, we also have many common beliefs . Thank you again Mr. Green for your participation and I hope that people lost in the political struggle can find their voice with you and the other 3rd party candidates.

Can you give us a quick autobiography of Lex Green?

I am a lifelong resident of Illinois, living as a child on a farm, for a while in the suburbs, but most of my life in the city of Bloomington in the middle of the state. I am married and have three grown children. I work at the Mitsubishi auto factory as an automation electrician. I love music, astronomy and science, fishing and hunting, camping, history and politics.

What made you join your party rather than one of the two major parties or another 3rd party?

I have always been a seeker after truth and I found the politics of the two major parties to be confusing and disingenuous. I am also headstrong and don’t like being coerced to do anything or give away something I have earned. I migrated politically over many years to the Libertarian Party, even while reserving the right to disagree with them. Eventually I realized I had found my political home.

What can be done here to end the distrust in politicians in this state
and get Illinoisans to the polls?

The problem isn’t the distrust, which I feel we should never lose. The problem is the politicians. When the primary goal is getting re-elected, truth and honesty go out the window. For this reason, I support term limits, like those in the Putback Amendment. Freed from the need to pander for votes, the politician can focus on standing on his/her principles. Think of holding office as you would jury duty. You go do your duty with honor and dignity and then go back to your plow, wrench or pen.

What would be the first thing you would like to accomplish if elected
into office?

I want to do it all. I need to set up a staff and start preparing the budget that the Illinois Constitution requires. At the same time we can bring the Illinois National Guard stationed overseas home to help here and be with their families. And also I would try to protect Illinois citizens by writing 10th Amendment inspired bills to return the state and the nation to its constitutional bounds.

In what ways can we help balance the state’s budget?

The answer to balancing the budget is simple and hard at the same time. We need to stop spending so much and that means eliminating or reducing agencies and unnecessary functions. That also means that we need to get people out of government jobs and into private sector jobs which will reduce expenditures and increase revenues at the same time. Once taxes are eased, job creation will result. When most people have jobs, the other problems become much smaller.

Would you sign a bill into law legalizing gay marriage if it crossed
your desk? Why?

This is one of those odd questions that won’t fit a sound bite. I believe all people are deserving of all rights equally. But I don’t think the government should be involved in any kind of marriage. Marriage is between two people, not between a couple and government. So my solution is not to expand government intrusion into our lives but to remove it, even from traditional marriage.

How do you feel about the recent passage of health care reform? What
would you do differently?

The health care reform bill is not allowed under the Constitution of the United States. The states have the right and responsibility to declare the bill “null, void, and no force” as Thomas Jefferson noted in the Kentucky Resolve of 1798. I would make such a declaration.

What can you do for Illinoisans that other candidates can’t?

I will bring the point of view of an outsider to the political process. When someone has been in a system for very long, the system may seem to make sense in a way an outsider can’t see. That doesn’t mean that the insider is right, just in control. We can all put two and two together. But when the answer is $10 Billion of debt, something needs to change. Just as in private industry, when you need a significant change, it helps to bring in a new perspective.

What can be done to increase the high school graduation rate in
Illinois and to increase the number of Illinoisans going to college?

The problem with schooling is that we try to fix it from afar with money and policies handed back to the local districts. The real fix is to give as much control as possible back to the local districts. Vouchers and tax credits are ok, but I favor reducing the mission of the State Board of Education and letting parents and local educators do what they do best, teach. I also favor the elimination of the federal Department of Education.

What can be done help eliminate the amount of crime and murders in the near west and south sides of Chicago?

Most of the violence in the “inner city” is gang violence. Most gangs are involved in one trade that drives their profits and their bloodlust – Drug Trafficking. If we end Marijuana Prohibition, we will take away the source of the gangs’ money and power. If we do not do that, no other action is going to have any effect.

What is your biggest hurdle going into the election as a 3rd party candidate?

Media coverage is the biggest hurdle. The reason money is so important to the election process is that it is also big business for television and newsprint. To keep this lucrative game going, it pays to court the richest candidates, and they are typically Republican and Democrat. If we can get name recognition, then we have an equal chance in the ballot box.

What do you feel can be done about the state of public transportation
in Illinois?

Private run companies are move efficient than public companies. The bigger the public entity, the more inefficient and potentially corrupt it is. Where ever possible, public transportation should be privatized. Where it is not possible, it should be eliminated or streamlined. Fees must cover the cost to run any public transportation. We have a right to go anywhere we want to in the public right of way, but we don’t have the right to do it on someone else’s money. I oppose “high speed” rail as neither high speed, nor cost effective. Don’t make people in Rockford and Quincy pay for riders in Chicago.

Did you support the Olympic games in Chicago? Why?

The Olympic games would be welcome in Illinois. I just demand that they be paid for by local investors. If the City of Chicago wants to spend money on it, they must do so without state support.

Do you feel social media will have a significant impact on your
campaign and how do you plan on using it?

There are many who believe that social media is revolutionizing campaigns. I do believe that have significant effect. However, I think there are limits to the changes wrought. First of all, there is no better contact than shaking hands and looking a person in the eye. Secondly, no studies show that someone sitting at a computer will go out and collect signatures or vote. I hope that they do because I have made many friends on Twitter and Facebook. I encourage them all to get out to an event or plan one so I can meet them face to face.

Is there anything else you think that people should know about you and your campaign?

This is my campaign, but it is also our campaign. All who believe in true freedom, social and economic, are on my side, no matter how they vote. I carry with me the hope that an ordinary citizen can work through the system and make significant change. Whether I am elected, I get into debates, or even if I only force the major candidates to address the issues differently, we will have done our job. Still, I will go all the way, with your help.

How can those interested join your campaign?

I am always looking for help. First, mention my name to one new friend every day. That is name recognition that I don’t have to buy. Send them to my website at www.electlex.com. Next, use the “Tell a Friend” function on my web site to spread an invitation to all of your email friends.

If you want to do more, there is a volunteer button on the web site. Or you can contact me by email or by phone. Here is the contact information:

Lex Green

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    After that awk ward, early, going no where fast, era of ‘Free Lunch’ ——— the LP, alone of the non Democans and non Republicrats has evolved reasonable signage! The only [minor!] thing I would modify would be to lose the “of” ………

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