Libertarian Party Monday Message: National Convention and more

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Dear Friend of Liberty,

A few items of interest for you:

Wes Benedict
Executive Director

Libertarian National Committee

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6 thoughts on “Libertarian Party Monday Message: National Convention and more

  1. Born Again Non-Voter

    After Wednesday, prices will be higher.

    Isn’t this a lie?

    Since there are no floor fees, there’s no mandatory registration fee. Is that not so?

  2. Thomas L. Knapp

    Born Again Non-Voter,

    No, it’s not a lie. One is not REQUIRED to purchase a package to serve as a delegate, but if one CHOOSES to purchase a package (whether one is a delegate, or just wanting to attend some of the convention-related events), the price goes up after March 31st.

  3. Robert Milnes

    I’m hoping to attend. Hopefully it will be on my way to CA. I’ve given up on a motorhome. I’ll probably be using one of my 2 vans to tow a small construction trailer. Which I will fix up as best I can-upgrade bathroom, kitchen, bed/couch etc. I’d probably park rig in hotel parking lot & sleep there unless I can find a host to put me up/up with me. & I’d mingle & “campaign” & maybe be allowed to speak. OR, none of the above.

  4. Robert Milnes

    & when I say van I mean 2 old Econolines. & motorhome, not one like McCain or Obama, a virtual hotel on wheels. I’ve been drooling over old 1980’s vintage Ford chassis models online. Prive range-$0-10000 of which I can afford-after inheritance-about 5000. Which is supposed to be around June assuming no problems. & my sister is still blocking my dad putting my name on his 10000 credit card. & a construction trailer is virtually empty. Some have small bath-a john basically. I’m not sure about holding tank. Limited water & electrical. Maybe heater & A.C. No furniture which is ok because I have some. So, I’m talking about MAYBE a very marginal budget & modest rig. Why? Because everybody would rather send Ron Paul a bunch of cash for counterrevolutionary crap than try what I’ve suggested-PLAS/FET/FDS. So, kiss my ass you all. I’m going to CA WITHOUT any help from you all thanks to my deceased great uncle dying intestate because he didn’t take care of that final arrangements for himself leaving it up to the state. Good luck with Ron Paul. Dinosaur fossil reactionary. Losers.

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