CP Candidate in Utah Comments on Democrats and Republicans

Scott Bradley is the Constitution Party of Utah’s candidate for the US Senate now occupied by Bob Bennett. He is interviewed here by the Cache Valley Daily.

This could be the year for a third party candidate according to Constitutional scholar Scott Bradley. Bradley is running for U.S. Senate on the Constitution Party ticket and is running against several Democratic and Republican candidates seeking the seat currently held by Sen. Bob Bennett.

On KVNU’s For the People program Tuesday, Bradley said there are a lot of unhappy people in the country and the two political parties have become irrelevant. He says the biggest question between Democrats and Republicans is who will have the biggest debt.

Bradley is a former administrator at Utah State University and possesses a PhD in Constitutional Studies. Bradley ran for the US Senate in 2006 and scored 3.75% of the vote total, reaching double digit percentages in four counties. He also came in second place in the balloting at the 2008 CP National Convention for Vice Presidential nominee, placing well-behind winner Darrel Castle.

6 thoughts on “CP Candidate in Utah Comments on Democrats and Republicans

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    Actually, probably not. Mike Lee is likely to win the Republican nomination, and he’s VERY conservative.

    If Bennett remains the nominee, though, this could all of a sudden turn into a double-digits race for Bradley.

  2. Joe Murphy

    That should be interesting then. Bradley is very well spoken and knows the issues very well also. I hope he is able to get into a debate. Have you heard of any debates being set up at this time?

  3. Cody Quirk

    He and the Congressional candidates will definably get over the 2% threshold in order to keep the CP on the ballot though.

  4. And in California ????????? .......... Lake

    every one is happy happy happy over the ‘California Constitution Party’ (a non existent entity) and Chelene Ward Nightingale!

    Hmmmmmmm, may be not!

    “inside info says:
    Ask yourself if ANY of these sound familiar. Here is a partial list of Chelene’s lies;

    1) She has “SEEN” the proof that the hijackers are right (she denied ever saying this in court)

    2) Ray Herrera embarrassed her and the Ramos family when Nacho surrendered

    3) Ray Herrera and Robin are not true Christians (as she is-LOL) because they left their spouses for each other

    4) Ted Hayes was told by her and his friend Rhonda to get a job but he would rather be homeless

    5) Steve Eichler and Jim ‘Minute Man’ Gilchrist are children of Satan

    6) William Gheen frivolously spends his donors money on “the biggest suite in the place” at the DC event and Phoenix at the Ramos & Compean rally (among others)

    7) That March for America founder Jonnie Crivello “sniveling” and power hungry

    8) That Cheryl Burns and those who supported Chuck Baldwin were delusional and stealing Ron Paul’s votes

    9) She stated that she would never work with with Jeff Schwilk because he is abusive to women (TruthBrigade Christie)

    September 4, (2009) 11:13 AM

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