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David Walter: ‘Are you concerned about our nation’s future?’

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David Walter is a Constitution Party candidate, and is currently the only alternative party/independent candidate seriously trying to get on the ballot for Congress in Alabama. He is running in District 1, which covers all of Mobile, Baldwin, Monroe, Washington and Escambia counties and part of Clarke county. We have currently collected over 4,000 signatures, but may need as many more again to make sure we have over 5,061 valid. This will be a two way race….or a one way non-race, if the petition fails, as the Democrats are not running. The incumbent Republican, “Bailout” Jo Bonner, does have some primary competition.

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Are you concerned about our nation’s future? Do you believe Congress is more interested in special interest groups than they are in this nation’s financial health? The inaction of Congress to address the real problems facing each of us has reached a point where I can no longer stand by and watch the runaway train they have created by foolish deficit spending.

Congress needs businessmen to take control and steer this nation in direction of fiscal responsibility. We need to clean house and start over. Congress should have fired those people in the Federal Reserve that allowed and encouraged the mortgage crisis. Instead they gave them trillions of dollars to bailout their friends on Wall Street. To top it off, no one has a record of where the money went. Congress took our ailing economy and instead of curing the disease, they opted for a facelift and then gave themselves a raise.

Have you had enough? I have! I’m not a politician, I’m a businessman. I have owned and operated the same business for 41 years. I know how to budget, eliminate waste and operate effectively. I believe our only hope for the future is to operate the government like a business. Whether Democrat or Republican, our government grows at the same rate each year, until this year when it went through the roof. It’s time for a change. It’s not their government, it’s our government. Help me take back our government.

Currently each average American pays about 55% of his income in taxes, government fees and licenses. And guess what? It’s going up! Who do you think will make better use of that money for your family, you or the government? American workers, businessmen and business women built this country and we are the only ones that can save it. Take the government off the backs of Americans, by reducing the size and power of the federal government. Congressional leaders need to have the same health insurance as we do, and instead of raises in this time of hardship, how about a pay cut to show us they identify with us and want to do their part. Our government has no business selling automobiles and insurance. Change the focus of our Congress from worrying about losing contributions from groups like PETA, to listening to the voters that elected them.

If we don’t come together as Americans to take our government back from self-serving politicians, we’d better start learning the Chinese language.

58% of Americans say Congress is doing a poor job….. Only 12% think Congress is doing a good job…this according to a recent Rasmussen Poll.

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  1. David Walter David Walter September 26, 2010

    I will be on the ballot in November. I turned in 10,000 signatures because the response was so overwhelming. The help and support has been humbling and I look forward to whatever God has planned for me.

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