Florida: Snitker Questions Rivals’ Unwillingness to Sign 10th Amendment Pledge

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From the Snitker Campaign for Senate, via PRLog:

Libertarian Alexander Snitker is urging his political rivals for Florida’s U.S. Senate seat to join him in signing the 10th Amendment Pledge. But, so far, Snitker is the only active candidate to sign the pledge.

The pledge, created by the Tenth Amendment Center, includes affirmations like “I do, and will continue to, oppose any and all efforts by the federal government to act beyond its Constitutional authority,” and “I will only vote in favor of a bill that I have thoroughly read, considered and understood.”

According to Andrew Nappi, the Florida state coordinator for the Tenth Amendment Center, all of the major U.S. Senate candidates have been invited to sign the pledge, but so far, only Snitker has done so. Candidates Charlie Crist and Kendrick Meek have not responded to the center’s requests.

Nappi says he contacted the Marco Rubio campaign three times about the pledge before getting any response. In December 2009, a Rubio staffer told Nappi that he would “consider” signing the pledge, however, Rubio has yet to do so.

“I’m surprised that any candidate would refuse to sign this pledge. But I’m most disappointed with Marco Rubio’s failure to sign it,” said Snitker. “How can you call yourself a Constitutional conservative, and then refuse to sign a pledge to uphold the Constitution?”

2 thoughts on “Florida: Snitker Questions Rivals’ Unwillingness to Sign 10th Amendment Pledge

  1. George

    Snitker knows — or should know — full well that the main obstacles to signing that pledge are its source and the clear implication that signing it is tantamount to getting in bed with the radical Tenth Amendment Center. My guess is that Snitker wouldn’t sign such an oath if it were written by the Democratic Party.

    Another problem might be the part about not voting for a bill you haven’t read. That probably sounds good to a Libertarian, given that it would drastically reduce the number of bills passed, but my guess is that it would not be popular.

    Not to worry, though, Mr. Snitker. Anybody who wins an election will take an oath that, if I remember correctly, says something about upholding the Constitution. No need in rushing it.

  2. Starchild

    Federal politicians and officials desperately want to ignore the Tenth Amendment and its limits on their power, but more and more people are finding out about it and caring about the issue despite the establishment’s disdain. Who wrote the Tenth Amendment Pledge hardly matters — what it says is what counts.

    Good for Alexander Snitker for pushing the issue — Florida voters should question the motives and agenda of any candidate who refuses to sign the pledge. And not let them get away with claiming they support the Constitution when they are unwilling to abide by its provisions.

    It is appalling that anyone would defend members of Congress voting bills they have not read into law. The fact that this is a common practice is an indication of just how screwed up the U.S. federal government is.

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