Green Party: We Were Green Before Green Was Cool

Posted by Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

From Green Party US:

It’s the 40th Earth Day, and while the Green Party of the United States recognizes this historic event, we have no special celebration planned. Every day is Earth Day for us, so we continue today to do what we do all the time – support candidates who work for sustainable governments, educate elected officials on Green Party values, and work in our communities to promote our message of ecological wisdom.

We are working hard to make every day Earth Day, and we need your support

Every day a new Green Party candidate declares their run for Congress (49 so far!) is Earth Day for us.

Every day a Green Party member points out that producing more “eco-friendly” products only creates more waste and stress on the planet is Earth Day for us.

Every day a Green Party member writes a letter to the editor of their local paper opposing a new garbage incinerator in a poor community is Earth Day to us.

Every day we take Congress for task for watered-down, corporate-authored climate bills is Earth Day for us.

Every day Greens come together to try and end the environmentally-destructive, oil-driven wars in Iraq and Afghanstan is Earth Day for us.

Every day you make a contribution to the Green Party is Earth Day for us.

Every day European Greens protest international climate conferences that end in no new rules restricting emissions is Earth Day for us.

Every day Greens tell their local council that they oppose developer-written legislation to expand new subdivision construction is Earth Day for us.

Every day we ask our President how coal could possibly be “clean” is Earth Day for us.

On this 40th Earth Day we recognize those who were doing these things before us, who inspired local and state Green Parties to start building a national party that continues to grow and inspire a thousand little Earth Days every day of the year.

Today we recognize you for your continuing support of the Green Party, and your commitment to making every day Earth Day by taking all these actions and more.

Finally, we ask for your support to help us continue to make every day an Earth Day. We were Green before being Green was cool, and we will continue being Green as long as you are behind us. With your help, the Green Party delegation in Congress and every state legislature will help us celebrate the 50th Earth Day.

Please make a contribution today. Thank you!

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3 thoughts on “Green Party: We Were Green Before Green Was Cool

  1. MN Indy

    Greens should be asking themselves why greenism is now pushed at a frenzied pitch by governments, media, and pop culture.

  2. Ross Levin

    I don’t think it is MN Indy. I don’t know if it was the Green Party specifically or not that caused what you’re talking about, but either way what’s mostly being pushed by the government and corporations and the mass media is a watered down version of “greenism.” Just as I wouldn’t say that Sarah Palin is really pushing libertarianism.

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