Kristin Davis asks Attorney General Andrew Cuomo to investigate the conditions at Riker’s Island

Press release posted at Kristin Davis 2010:


” I think most New Yorkers would be shocked to learn of Abu Ghaib-style treatment of prisoners in the New York Penal system. ”

Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis, who supplied call girls to Governor Eliot Spitzer, today requested that Attorney General Andrew Cuomo investigate the conditions of Riker’s Island including prisoner abuse. Davis released the following statement:

“I write as a citizen of New York State and a resident of New York County. I urge you to investigate conditions and prisoner treatment at the Riker’s Island Corrections facility. As you know I served 3.5 months there after pleading to a Class D Felony for Promoting Prostitution in the 3rd Degree.”

Activities on Riker’s Island based on my own experience include:

· Initial intake of 36 hours exceeding the legal rule of 24hr processing.

· being cavity searched regularly by officers while 15-20 guards watched.

· being made to stand naked spread eagle without moving for hours at a time will 15-20 guards catcalling.

· being denied water on days in which temperatures in the facility were above 100 degrees.

· no soap, no shampoo, no toothpaste.

· toilet facilities so full of maggots it can’t be used.

· rats and other vermin in the solitary facility.

Davis has vowed to petition her way onto the November 2010 ballot as an Independent or Libertarian candidate for Governor on a platform legalizing,regulating, and taxing Marijuana, legalizing, regulating, and taxing prostitution,and legalizing gay marriage as well as opening state regulated casinos to solve New York’s financial crisis and cut income and property taxes. Davis has become a feminist and prison reform advocate and has written extensively on prison reform, gay marriage, prostitution and marijuana rights on her website

Davis and Democrat Cuomo are both candidates for Governor of New York this year, with polls showing Cuomo far ahead of all competition.

Disclaimer: IPR reporter Paulie, who is posting this here, was also a “guest” of the scenic Rikers Island facilities several times during the 1980s.

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  1. d.eris

    The prison-industrial complex, the creeping national security police state and the injustice system are cruel and unusual.

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