Libertarian Party blog: Ohio primary voters can vote Libertarian for the first time

rom the April 7 Cincinnati Enquirer:

Voters in the May 4 Primary Election have plenty of candidates to choose from on the Republican and Democratic ballots.

But this year for the first time they’ll also see a contested race on a third party ballot.

Libertarians Jared Croxton and Jim Berns both want to run for the 1st Congressional District seat held by Democrat Steve Driehaus. It’s the only contested race in Southwest Ohio for any of Ohio’s four minor parties – Libertarian, Constitution, Green and Socialist.

This is the first year minor parties have been allowed to participate in the Primary Election thanks to a 2008 Ohio Appeals Court ruling and a 2009 directive by the Ohio Secretary of State.

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5 thoughts on “Libertarian Party blog: Ohio primary voters can vote Libertarian for the first time

  1. Richard Winger

    It is not true that 2010 is the first year Ohio has held primaries for minor parties. The Libertarian Party had its own primary in Ohio in 1982 and 2000; the Natural Law Party had won in 1996 and 2000; the Reform Party had one in 1998; the American Independent Party had one in 1970 and 1972; the Socialist Labor Party had one in 1972. Also there were Socialist Party and Progressive Party primaries in Ohio in the 1910’s decade.

  2. Steven R Linnabary

    The AIP also had a contested primary for OH governor in 1970 and if memory serves for US Senate. It was the ONLY time I’ve ever seen any PBS (or NPR) station cover a third party primary in ANY race.


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