Libertarian Party Monday Message: Flyer for Tea Parties and Tax Protests

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Dear Friend of Liberty,

The April 15 tax filing deadline is right around the corner (a week from Thursday), and along with it, lots of tax day protests and Tea Party protests. In addition to other groups’ events, your local Libertarian Party affiliate may have protest plans for that day.

I hope you are able to attend some of these protests in your area to help promote the Libertarian Party. We’ve prepared a simple flyer that you can download and print to hand out at these events. It’s got the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, basic information on the Libertarian Party, and a place to sign up.

This flyer is general enough to be used at almost any event.

We’ve heard lots of debate in the press about whether Tea Party protesters are Libertarians, Republicans, independents, Democrats, etc. The reality is, there’s a variety of people at these protests. I think many of them are libertarians, and I want to recruit them to our party! One great tool the LP has used for years is the World’s Smallest Political Quiz kits as described here. It’s not too late to get one of these kits!

I plan to bring the flyers and a quiz chart to the Tea Party tax day protest in Washington, DC.

I’ll be trying to get the press to notice our chart showing how many of the Tea Party protesters are libertarian. It may be difficult to get noticed at the huge protest in DC, but hopefully at smaller protests around the country, if you show up and get people to take the quiz and post their results, the local press will notice.

Download the “Take a Look” flyer.


Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

P.S. If you have not yet become a member of the Libertarian Party and
wish to do so, please click here and join the only political party
dedicated to free markets and civil liberties. If you need to renew,
please click here. If you would like to make a contribution separate
from membership, please click here.

15 thoughts on “Libertarian Party Monday Message: Flyer for Tea Parties and Tax Protests

  1. Michael Seebeck

    Whatever happened to the Million Dollar Bills that were SO perfect for Tax Day rallies?

  2. Michael Seebeck

    And what’s with the “Now filling leadership positions” malarkey?

  3. Please post.

    Wayne has a video of him speaking at the Searchlight on the same stage as Palin. Why isn’t that posted here?

  4. Poof, guess he disappeared.

    One would have thought Bruce would have put that on here first thing.

  5. Andy

    Overall I like the flyer. One thing that I’d probably change is mentioning global warming. Even though I lean towards the side of the debate that says that human caused global warming is propaganda (look up the Climategate scandal), I fear that mentioning this will scare away liberty leaning leftists. I think that it would probably be better to avoid the global warming debate on a flyer which is meant to introduce people to the Libertarian Party with the hope that some of them will sign on as new members.

    Having said this, I’ll download the flyer and make copies of it to hand out to people anyway.

    I remember that Wes made a good Libertarian Party flyer which he distributed to some of the petitioners who worked on the LP ballot access drive in Texas in 2004 to hand out to people who were interested in finding out more about the Libertarian Party. It’s a good thing when people go the extra mile like that.

  6. Your Words .......... Lake

    Global warming ????????

    Another take: if climate change has been misdirected by human behavior [UCSD /Scripps Institution of Oceanography and PhD extraordinary Rodger Revell of the R(eserch) S(hip) Rodger Revell] then just maybe there is nothing we can do to redirect at this time!

    Work on pollution, fine. Shake up society and the economy when the avalanche of ocean levels and other effects has already started? May be not so fine!

  7. Green Party Conservative

    Green Party Watch reporting tonight

    Many Green Party candidates on the ballot in elections today…

    among those Green Party candidates today..

    Wisconsin: Make sure to vote April 6th
    April 5th, 2010 by Dave Schwab · No Comments
    In Wisconsin, non-partisan elections for local office are held in the spring. This Tuesday, April 6th, 7 Green Party members are up for election in Wisconsin. Don’t forget to vote!

    Dane County:

    Barbara Vedder, Dane County Board of Supervisors District 2

    John Hendrick, Dane County Board of Supervisors District 6

    Douglas County:

    David Conley, Douglas County Board of Supervisors District 25

    Jefferson County:

    Greg David, Jefferson County Board of Supervisors District 3


    Ron Hardy, Oshkosh Common Council

    Polk County:

    Jeff Peterson, Polk County Board of Supervisors District 5

    Kathy Kienholz, Polk County Board of
    Supervisors District 6

  8. Green Party Conservative

    And in the U.K.

    Green Party with record number of candidates!!!

    The Green party is fielding a record number of candidates at the general election amid hopes it will win its first parliamentary seat.

    The party is hoping to gain from voter disaffection with mainstream parties following the expenses scandal, campaigning under the slogan: “Fair is worth fighting for.”

    More than 300 Green candidates will contest seats throughout the country – including a full slate in London, where the party is represented on the capital’s assembly by Darren Johnson and Jenny Jones.

    All eyes are on the top target seat of Brighton Pavilion, where the party’s leader, Caroline Lucas, is standing – although the Greens only came third in the constituency in 2005, nearly 6,000 votes behind Labour, which took the seat.

  9. Green Party Conservative

    In last year’s European elections, the Greens finished ahead of Labour in the south-east and south-west regions and defeated the Conservatives in cities such as Brighton and Hove, Oxford, Norwich, Liverpool and Manchester, a party spokesman said.

  10. Oh puleeeeeeeeeeze .......... Lake

    Michael Seebeck // Apr 5, 2010:
    “Whatever happened to the Million Dollar Bills that were SO perfect for Tax Day rallies?”

    [a] I have some ‘god squad’ Mills, give me an address [POB and PMB are fine] and I will try to dig up a couple ………..

    [b] What is wrong with ‘queer’ three dollar bills from the [Bill] Clinton era, criticizing the Cheater In Chief [and Tiger Woods role model] and the monopoly funnie monie of the Federal Reserve System ??????????????

  11. Michael Seebeck

    Don’t think God spends $1M every 10.5 seconds, so those wouldn’t be any good.

    That’s $95,129.38 per second, 24/7/365, based on an estimated $3T budget. Acutal numbers may vary, but not by much.

    That’s why they were so damned effectvive at outreach–here were people dropping their tax returns showing the thousands they pay in taxes only to see it get spent in a fraction of a second.

  12. Michael H. Wilson

    Overall this is a good piece and it is GREAT! that it is available to be downloaded from the web. All the literature needs to be as accessible as this. Fantastic!

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