Liberty Maven: ‘Ron Paul w/ Jesse Ventura on CNN’s Libertarian Larry King Live’

Posted by Marc Gallagher at Note for IPR: Jesse Ventura was elected and served as a Reform Party Governor of Minnesota, and Ron Paul was the Libertarian Party’s Presidential nominee in 1988. Paul continues to support alternative parties, most recently endorsing the Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin for President in the general election in 2008.

Someone at CNN is going to get fired. Jesse Ventura was the guest host of Larry King Live earlier tonight. He had Ron Paul on the show along with some others for the entire hour. They discussed several issues of the day including the retirement of Justice Stevens, Bart Stupak, and the general state of America today.

Paul suggested Judge Andrew Napolitano as a potential replacement for Justice Stevens. He then uses his ample time to discuss the future direction of America should be toward libertarianism. He argues that libertarian ideas can bring together the Progressives and the Constitutional Conservatives. It was quite an interesting discussion. Check it out below. The video is in 5 parts.

8 thoughts on “Liberty Maven: ‘Ron Paul w/ Jesse Ventura on CNN’s Libertarian Larry King Live’

  1. Green Party Conservative

    Watched the show…and thought it more of a Green Party show.

    Ron Paul repeated made the point about all the tax dollars wasted $1.2 Trillion a year on pentagon and foriegn war out of $3.7 Trillion federal budget…

    Wars, guns, bombs on credit…

    Jesse Ventura rocked…Thar’s your 2012 Green Party ticket…If Bloomberg doesn’t run…

  2. Donald Duck

    “Watched the show…and thought it more of a Green Party show….Thar’s your 2012 Green Party ticket…If Bloomberg doesn’t run…”

    What?! Are you on quack?

    quack! quack! quack!

  3. Donald Duck

    “What?! Are you on quack?”

    “Yes…lots of quack…”

    That would explain a lot….

  4. Green Party Conservative

    Green Party climbs to over 10 per cent in Sweden…

    The Green Party saw an increase of 0.7 points for an April total of 10.3 percent as political scientists speak of a “Wetterstrand effect”, referring to the growing popularity of Maria Wetterstrand, one half of the party’s leadership duo.

    “There has been an underlying trend in which green issues have gained a stronger foothold. Confidence in our party has grown successively over the course of a number of years,” Wetterstrand told Expressen.

  5. Steve

    Blagovich sounds pretty good on here, why is that that whenever crooks get thrown out of office, they become champions for liberty? Is there some sort of libertarian prison ministry that reaches out to these guys with the saving message of Von Mises when they go wrong?

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