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Maine: Heath Joins Race and Drops Out, All In Two Weeks

Michael Heath’s candidacy was exceptionally short, but interesting nonetheless. Heath is the former head of the Maine Family Policy Council, a socially conservative organization in that state.

WCSH-TV said he issued a statement Wednesday saying he quickly determined that it’s not realistic for him to circulate the necessary petitions.Independent candidates have until June 1 to collect at least 4,000 voters’ signatures each to qualify for the November ballot.

Five Democrats and seven Republicans are competing in their parties’ June 8 primaries for the gubernatorial nomination.

Heath’s entrance into, and exit from the, gubernatorial race in Maine only took two weeks total.

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Trent Hill


  1. Sleasy come, sleasy go ………..

    Ramp up you support team
    just to take an extended
    potty break in the middle
    of the initial planning session

  2. Constitution Party Socialist Constitution Party Socialist April 19, 2010

    Aren’t there other independent candidates in Maine? And probably a green Party candidate since it’s one of their best states?

  3. And then there is Doctor Jill Stein, a Green type with a staff of experienced, seasoned Obama Democrats! [Could not find any politicos of the non Democan or non Republicrat variety in the entire region ?????????]

  4. paulie paulie April 20, 2010

    Stein is in Mass, not Maine.

    And shouldn’t “Constitution Party Socialist” preface his/her remarks by either thanking IPR for a great Constitution Party story (even though it’s not actually a Constitution Party story), suggesting that the former candidate in question run as a Constitution Party candidate, or both?

    As well as then following up that remark with 3-20 comments about unrelated Constitution Party stories elsewhere?

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