“First in the Nation” Tea Party Congressional Nominees Will Hold Tea Party Town Hall Social Tonight in Orlando

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“First in the Nation” TEA PARTY Congressional nominees Peg Dunmire (TEA-Orlando) and The Honorable Randy Wilkinson (TEA-Bartow) will host a TEA PARTY TOWN HALL SOCIAL tonight-Friday, May 14 from 6-9 pm at the Perkins Restaurant made famous by the recent encounter between Congressman Alan Grayson and a group of opponents.

Dunmire is the TEA PARTY nominee to oppose Grayson (D-Orlando) in November for the 8th Congressional seat. Polk County Commissioner Wilkinson (TEA-Bartow) is the TEA PARTY nominee for a congressional seat (12th District) left open by Congressman Adam Putnam who is seeking another position.

Dubbed the “Battle at Perkins continues,” the event is open to the public.

Perkins is located at: 8965 Conroy Windermere Road, Orlando, FL 32835-3127

“We’re excited to have both Commissioner Wilkinson and Ms. Dunmire together to promote the conservative values of the TEA Party at this event,” stated O’Neal.

The TEA Party has nominated three (3) congressional candidates in Florida. Polk County Commissioner Randy Wilkinson is also the first TEA Party public official in Florida. Commissioner Wilkinson has won four (4) elections including three (3) terms on the Polk County Commission. Polk is the 9th most populous county of Florida’s 67 counties.

The TEA PARTY is an official political party in the State of Florida authorized by the Secretary of State to file TEA PARTY candidates in the November 2010 general election. The official ballot designation is TEA which will follow the name of each TEA candidate. The Florida TEA PARTY is the first in the nation to obtain new party status. Fifteen other states are in the process of establishing TEA PARTY political parties in their respective states.

To date, the TEA Party has collected nearly $120,000 in donations.

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3 thoughts on ““First in the Nation” Tea Party Congressional Nominees Will Hold Tea Party Town Hall Social Tonight in Orlando

  1. Vaughn

    Why doesn’t the Tea Party movement go for fusion? They could be to the GOP what the Working Families Party is to the Democrats.

  2. Richard Riker

    These words were true a few weks ago and are still true: I find it very disingenuous when the political third party Florida Tea Party compares itself favorably to the real Tea Party Movement or leads people to believe they are one in the same. These are two completely different entities. They are about the same as a motorcycle and a fig newton. The Tea Party Movement is a pure grassroots enterprise whose name has been hijacked by the political third party Florida Tea Party. From the beginning the political Florida Tea Party has been run by, to say the least , dubious fringe political figures. Fred O’Neil was a registered Democrat when he registered the Tea Party name as a Florida third party. In the past he has supported both Obama and Grayson and he owes the IRS almost $150,000 in back taxes for which the IRS has a lien on his property. He’s not the only shady character at the head of the political Florida Tea Party, seems he is nothing more than a sycophant for Doug Guetzloe. Guetzloe has a sordid past reportedly of tampering with elections and bribery. This opportunists main goal is personal profit. He and his servile cohort Nick Egoroff have both been suspended from the Republican Executive Committee. The puppet candidates this group fields can be viewed as nothing more than products of their handlers and stigmatized by a total lack of integrity that rubs off of these characters who aren’t looking to work for the people they already have a job working for their personal enrichment.

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