Rumor: Barr Campaign Debt to Root Is A Ten-Percent Fundraising Commission

Live from the Libertarian Party National Convention, Tom Knapp, one of IPR’s reporters on the ground, has reported on a rumor, from multiple reputable sources, that the debt owed to Wayne Root by the Bob Barr campaign consists, either wholly or in part, of a 10% commission Root was to receive for fundraising.

According to the last FEC filing, Root is owed a total of 4797.81 for “Campaign Expenses”. If the full amount of that debt is due to Root’s 10% commission, then he raised a minimum of $47,978.20 for the Bob Barr campaign. It certainly could be far more or far less than that–we have no way to know unless the Barr campaign reveals that information, which is not likely.

We reported on Barr’s campaign debt here and on his still having not paid his ghostwriter here.

Update: Shane Cory, the former Communications Director of Bob Barr’s Campaign and former Libertarian Party Executive Director, disputes the rumor. He says the debt is a request by Wayne Root to reimburse his travel expenses.

7 thoughts on “Rumor: Barr Campaign Debt to Root Is A Ten-Percent Fundraising Commission

  1. paulie

    This is not a confirmed fact. My previous understanding was that it was a request by Wayne to reimburse his travel expenses, although I don’t know that for a fact either.

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    Shane Cory, I take it? Can you go on the record on that, so I can update this article?

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