Carl Paladino Rides the Eerie Canal

Carl Paladino is a gubernatorial candidate for the Republican Party and Conservative Party in New York. He claims that if he does not receive the nomination of the Conservative Party, he will petition to form a Tea Party of New York ballot-line. It appears Paladino’s statewide tour is going to occur via water.

Paladino, who is seeking the GOP and Conservative Party nominations, embarked Wednesday evening on a 10-day trip whose stops will include Syracuse on Monday and Rochester May 29. He will finish in Buffalo May 30, two days before the state Republican convention begins in New York City.

The campaign is making its way up the canal on a 40-foot tug-trawler. Also along for the ride is a parrot, Augie, owned by campaign manager Michael Caputo. Members of Paladino’s family and his dog, Duke, will join them along the way.

The candidate and Caputo were in New York City Thursday evening for the Conservative Party dinner and will rejoin the boat east of Utica, Caputo said. They will veer off course again next Friday to attend the Conservative Party convention, also in New York City.

Paladino, 63, said he would meet with Republicans, Conservative Party members, community leaders and voters during the canal trip. So far on the campaign trail, he has met a lot of state residents who are upset and don’t think government is “doing right” by them, he said.

Other candidates for the nominations of the Republican and Conservative Parties are Steve Levy and Rick Lazio.

6 thoughts on “Carl Paladino Rides the Eerie Canal

  1. paulie

    “WNYMedia has found and published controversial emails allegedly sent by Carl Paladino, Buffalo real estate magnate and newly announced candidate for Governor of New York. The emails contain rather crude racist and sexist material. WNYMedia’s report has been picked up by countless national sites including Huffington Post, Talking Points Memo, Opposing Views and the NY Daily News and, as a result, the amount of traffic to WNYMedia’s Paladino’s story has reportedly crashed their servers multiple times throughout the day. And now, the Buffalo News has chimed in with an article on the controversy.

    The emails, which are too crude to publish here, contain images of Africa tribesmen dancing entitled “Obama Inaugaration Rehearsal” and an email showing chimpanzees doing an Irish dance entitled “proof the Irish discovered Africa” and another email depicting bestiality.”


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