Constitution Party of Washington Profiled

In this Yakima-Herald article the Constitution Party of Washington state is profiled. The party is set to have the state convention in Moxee, Washington and is expecting around 50 attendees.

Constitution Party spokeswoman Karen Murray of Quincy said interest in the organization has grown steadily since the tea party movement got rolling in reaction to health-care reform, which is now the law of the land.

Murray got involved when she began to home-school some of her children. “I started teaching American government and I realized there was very little on the Constitution. It started me on a search,” said Murray, 53, who is working on a pictorial history of the Quincy Valley.

Nationally, the party began in 1992 as the U.S. Taxpayer’s Party, a group of like-minded people who felt the country was headed in the wrong direction.

It became the Constitution Party in 1999 with a goal of restoring “our government to its constitutional limits and our law to its Biblical foundations,” Murray said.

The party believes the federal government has taken too much power from the states. For example, Olsen said, the Constitution allows the federal government to own land in states for forts, docks and arsenals but not parks.

“The federal government has taken massive amounts of real estate away from the states, making it so states can’t use these resources for income,” Olsen said.

Constitutionalists also believe Republicans and Democrats alike have wrongly treated the Constitution as a “living document” that changes with the times. Instead, they say, it should be read literally.

It is worth noting that this party, in 2008, recieved over 6% of the vote in two statewide races. Those races were State Auditor and Secretary of State.

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