Jill Stein pulls 8% in recent poll of MA governor’s race

Posted by Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

A recent poll from Suffolk University shows Massachusetts Green-Rainbow party candidate Jill Stein at 8% in the race for MA governor against 3 better-known and better-funded opponents:

In the poll of registered voters, 42 percent say they would vote for [incumbent governor Deval] Patrick, compared to 29 percent for Baker and 14 percent for independent Tim Cahill. Green Party candidate Jill Stein gets 8 percent, while 7 percent were undecided. Of the three candidates whose numbers improved since a February 2010 Suffolk University/7News poll, Patrick’s increase of 9 points was higher than Baker’s (+4) and Stein’s (+5).

7 thoughts on “Jill Stein pulls 8% in recent poll of MA governor’s race

  1. Trent Hill

    Stein has no shot–she’d be quite lucky to score 4%.

    Cahill will likely get 10-15%.

  2. Green Party Conservative


    Medical Doctor Jill Stein of the Green Party is far ahead of where another Green Party candidate was at this time in the cycle. Now that other Green Party candidate appears on verge of being elected President…

    respectfully suggest you consider the Green Party in Columbia…before being so hastly in drawing conclusion…

    As the Independent reports today…

    Green candidate eyes shock Colombia presidential election winSelf-styled outsider Antanas Mockus surges into sudden contention with 35% popular support in latest opinion poll

    He was the unlikeliest of presidential hopefuls, a former maths lecturer who once mooned his students to get their attention and wore a superhero-style cape to teach civic values.

    And a few weeks ago, Antanas Mockus seemed destined to be a brief footnote in Colombian electoral history, with opinion polls giving the Green party candidate 1% of the vote in elections to replace two-term president Alvaro Uribe.

    But ahead of Sunday’s first round Mockus has surged into contention in a turnaround that has electrified the campaign. A latest Gallup poll gives him 35% against 37% for Juan Manuel Santos, Uribe’s defence minister, who began as favourite thanks to his role as the strategist behind Uribe’s tough but popular security crackdown against Farc guerrillas.


  3. Trent Hill

    Yea, in a different country, with an entirely different electoral system…

    It’s like saying, “You don’t think the Communist Party’s presidential candidate will be elected in 2012?–just look at China!!!”

  4. Green Party Conservative

    Thanks Trent.

    Good point.

    The suggestion re: Columbia was to make some broader points.

    The Green Party in Columbia, and this candidate in particular bills itself as centrist.

    My wife just spent two weeks in Columbia. Not only did she bring back newspapers, magazines covering the election, and Green Party campaign shirts, buttons, flyers etc. She brought home the insight of a veteran Latina politico on the ground.

    The Green Party in Columbia is making common cause with many segments of society including conservatives. Those conservatives are hungry for a fresh approach, and inclusive government.

    As is obvious from frequent posts, I believe the Green Party of the United States should do the same.

    In many U.S. States, the Greens will be able to be elected and govern effectively by reaching out to conservatives, empowering them in the Green Party. And of course running Green Party conservatives for office.


  5. Dave Schwab

    Trent, what are you basing that on? I’d expect you to have some insightful things to say sometimes regarding independent politics, but you seem to shoot from the hip a lot of the time.

    Democrat-turned-independent Tim Cahill has been declining in the polls, while Jill Stein has more than doubled her numbers despite only having a fraction of the other candidates’ money and 40% name recognition. Once she raises at least $125k (ahem, http://www.jillstein.org/contribute/ ) she’ll qualify for matching funds and will be able to get her message out to the voters. If the other 60% respond as positively to her campaign as those who’ve already heard of her, she’ll be around 20% and ready to break open a 4-way race with a good debate performance (she was widely credited as the winner of the one debate she got into in 2002). Your thoughts?

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